Friday, June 29, 2007

Going with the flow

7.jpg_Thumbnail1 That would be the snot flow, which continues at an amazing rate. Because of the snot and general crankiness we've had to make a few adjustments in our busy schedule this week but little Miss Maisie still had lots of fun.

Tuesday morning was our weekly lunch and play date with Deb & LiLi, Kathy and Randi, this week hosted by Lisa. She had out some of Briana's toys for the girls to play with and they had so much fun playing and we all had fun watching them while enjoying a wonderful lunch. Both Lisa and Deb had out their cameras and I of course nicked all their piccies. The color pics are from Lisa, the b & w ones are from Deb.

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Tuesday afternoon we had planned to attend a BBQ with our Marietta Moms group but Maisie wasn't feeling great and was very clingy and I didn't think being outside in 100 degree humid weather was going to be in her best interest. In addition, every time I would stand up she wanted to be held and the prospect of standing outside sweating, having Maisie attached to me, just didn't sound appealing. She also wasn't really up to being social with lots of people so we made last minute alternate plans. We headed over to Jessie and Ava's home for playtime in the cool and comfort of air conditioning. The girls were both teething and not quite their normal chipper selves but they had fun together. P6260012.JPG_Thumbnail1P6260021.JPG_Thumbnail1P6260014.JPG_Thumbnail1

Wednesday morning we went to our Music Together class to find out that we were the only ones there this week! Maisie and I enjoyed our little private class and had fun chatting with Alicia, the teacher. So many people are away over the summer and have such busy schedules, so music over the summer has been cancelled and now we look forward to the fall when it starts up again.

Little Tikes Playhouse Wednesday afternoon I went to pick up a Step2 Playhouse that I purchased for Maisie off of Craig's List. Just as I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway Eammon arrived home which worked out really well as the pick-up location was a bit further than I thought and not having Maisie along for the ride was a good thing. I can't wait to get our back yard sorted out so that I can get the house cleaned up and out there for Maisie and friends to play in.

Thursday morning Maisie and I had some errands to run then in the afternoon we attended a fun birthday party for Ava F. at Pump it Up. Maisie isn't into the bouncy inflatables but she still had fun with all the other children. She did so well too as this was the first time she has really sat away from me, with other children, eating on her own. She devoured almost a full slice of pizza and between what she got in her mouth and down the front of her dress, she also finished a full scoop of ice cream. It was a fun afternoon. P6280005.JPG_Thumbnail1P62800091.jpg_Thumbnail1P6280021.JPG_Thumbnail1

This morning we had plans to go out to Cagle's Dairy with our Moms Group but because of heavy and much needed rain last night, it was cancelled. Instead Maisie and I had some playtime at home and she conked out for an early nap allowing me to get a few things done around the house. After her nap I was thinking how good I've been this week with pictures but probably wouldn't have any from today when I turned and looked at her. I just had to laugh and grab the camera, this little girl loves, loves, loves her peanut butter sandwich!   P6290004.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6290006.JPG_Thumbnail1

To finish off our afternoon and week, we went over to the indoor play area where we met up with a few friends and where Maisie had a blast playing on all the equipment. Major snot, lots of fun and friends, overall another good week.


  1. Sorry to hear that Maisie is still snotty! But it looks like it was a super busy and fun week anyway!

  2. It was great seeing you and Maisie on Tuesday! I love seeing Maisie chow down on that pizza! Too cute!

  3. Looks like another fun and amazing week in Maisie World! :)
    Hope the snot dries up soon. That can't be fun for either of you.

  4. More snot and more teething, not so fun. But it sounds like you all made the best of it this past week. Enjoy your weekend. I cannot wait to see pictures of Maisie with the cute little house you bought!

  5. Hey Snot happens!!! Maisie is quite the social butterfly! She has such a beautiful smile.... soon all her teeth will be in and the teething grumpy snotfest will be over!

    Love all the piccies!!


  6. Maisie gets more pretty with each passing day!
    What cute pictures!!
    We definitely need to plan our playdate!

  7. Looks like lots of fun! She's beautiful!

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