Saturday, June 02, 2007


For a while there I was really good about posting everyday or every few days but then life got busy and time to blog got pushed aside for a bit. So here goes another catch up post.

For the holiday on Monday Maisie and I spent a quiet day together getting a few things done around the house. We've been slowly thinning out our over landscaped yard and trimming what remains. Tuesday we had a fun morning at the post office applying for Maisie's passport. I now believe the true reason that they require both parents to be there is not to protect the child and one parent from the other should one want to surreptitiously leave the country with the child. No, it's so that one parent can chase after the child while the other deals with the paperwork. Even though we walked in with the form all completed, pictures, every needed document in perfect order, it still took way longer than was necessary. At least we've done it and now won't have to worry about passports again for a number of years.

P53000041 Wednesday morning Maisie and I attended our Music Together class followed by a play group with some of our friends from library story time. Our pool is finally open for the season so after nap time Eammon took Maisie for her first swim in a big pool. I put her in one of the bathing suits that has buoyancy built in to help give her a little more float in the water. For a girl who really doesn't like the water, she did so well and had fun with her Baba.

Thursday morning Miss Misery Guts was once again with us and it figures as we were spending the morning with Elizabeth having pictures taken. Maisie was not cooperative at all and every time I was near her, touched her, or looked at her, she screamed. It will be interesting to see what Elizabeth got as I think most of the piccies were of Maisie screaming or walking away. Elizabeth, who has two children Maisie's age in addition to another toddler sibling said that just Maisie alone would wear her out. She's never seen a child this age on the go as much as Maisie and wondered how I wasn't exhausted all the time from chasing after her. Well, I am exhausted all the time and it was somewhat reassuring to know that I'm exhausted from a child who would wear out even Elizabeth.

After her nap Maisie was in a better mood and of course was all lovey, hugs and smiles with me, why she couldn't have been that way when the camera was out...oh well. Because of the photo session we had missed our weekly lunch and play date but when I called Deb to find out how it went, the girls were still there chatting so we went over to Deb's for a little playtime with LiLi, Kathy and Heather & Lily. LiLi and Lily had been playing already for a few hours so by the time we got there, all three girls were pretty laid back. But hey, it got us out of the house, with other children and adult conversation, so it was fun.

P6010051 Friday morning Maisie and I went over to The Playroom where we met up with Brandie and little Zoe from our music class and the girls had fun playing on the trampolines and in the foam pit. Zoe loves giving Maisie kisses, it's just so cute! Both girls went home for naps and lunch then we met up again in the afternoon so that the girls along with Maura and baby Owen could play together in the pool.

Another fun and busy week is behind us but looking at the calendar, this past week will seem pretty tame compared to the upcoming weeks. Fun, fun, fun!!!


  1. Im so glad you updated..Sounds like you have been pretty busy!!! Maisie sounds fabulous and Im glad she is getting a lot of playtime in

  2. I have been reading your blog since before you went to China. I was a fellow traveler with Julie T. and I want to say thank you for sharing your life with us through the blog. Maisie is absolutley fabulous


  3. Maisie is getting so big (and cute).

    You freaked me out a little because I have a friend up here who has a daughter named Zoe who looks almost exactly like Maisie's friend Zoe. Kinda weird.

  4. Love the swimsuit with the built in buoyancy. That's pretty cool.

  5. Yay, Maisie! Champion in the water! Those bouancy suits are fantastic!

    The last pic is gorgeous! No misery guts there?!!

  6. Oh, the pictures with Baba in the water is awesome. I hope our kiddo will love the water, too.

  7. You all have been busy. That is what summer is all about, right? Maisie looks so cute in the pool!

  8. Things sound very busy!

    Maisie is a major cutie, and getting so big!

  9. Oooh Lisa... how did Maisie do in the swimsuit? If you let go a bit, would she tip over? We are using arm floaties and a toddler ring that she can sit in. I just get so nervous having a pool and Gracie is NOT afraid of the water! I hesitated on purchasing one of the suits though...

    She's looking cute as ever by the way!



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