Saturday, June 23, 2007

Teething again???

OY, what a week we've had!! Maisie has been feeling less than stellar as she appears to be teething again and has become a snot monster!! She hasn't been running a fever but her hands have been buried in her mouth with constant trails of snot...not a pretty sight! The only teeth still to come in are her two-year molars so I hope they either come in very early (now) or they settle down and leave her be for a few months. Even though she's been under the weather we've still managed to have yet another busy week, even if it has been rough going. On top of that, I've been a horrible Mother and haven't pulled out my camera all week but trust me, you don't want to see the ever present snot!!

So, what was on the agenda this week? Monday morning Maisie and I hosted our library play group which filled our home with more Moms and children than ever before. It was lots of fun having everyone here and all the little ones played so well together. Our afternoon wasn't quite as fun as it consisted of shopping and preparing for Tuesday where we hosted our weekly lunch and play group. Tuesday after everyone went home, Maisie and I spent some time in the pool before a headache knocked me for a loop and knocked me out. Eammon arrived home from work, I fed him and Maisie some dinner and then at 6:15PM I fell into a nice drug induced, much needed sleep. I did then wake at 2:45am and was up for the duration. But hey, my headache had subsided almost completely and I felt pretty well rested.

Wednesday morning Maisie was up at sparrows fart and by 8am her head was bobbing and she was down for her first nap of the day where she slept for an hour and forty minutes. We then did a little shopping followed by lunch and a bonus second nap! She usually does one, one hour and fifteen minute nap per day so surprisingly, her second nap lasted just over two hours! I feared that I was in for a long night but after an afternoon at the pool with Jessie and little Ava, Miss Maisie was knackered and went to bed at normal time with no fuss at all. Thursday morning we had a couple of appointments and a quiet morning of play at home followed by another afternoon in the pool. Maisie is getting quite brave and now likes jumping off the edge (holding my fingers still) and being twirled around in the water hanging on only to my fingers.

Friday we met up with my Marietta Moms group for playtime at the Kidzstock playground. Maisie was so funny, at snack time she went from Mom to Mom seeing who had the best snack crackers and accepting some from everyone who offered. This is so new for her as up until this point she's been quite timid about accepting anything from anyone other than Eammon or I. I think it's that we get together with these Moms so regularly now, she's feeling comfortable and safe around them and definitely opening up to them. I thought after running around at the playground in the hot sun, that she'd be out for a long nap but instead Friday afternoon was h.e.l.l. with a capital H. She would not nap and screaming was her activity du jour. Thankfully Jessie and Ava came over to join us in the pool and helped distract and entertain Miss Misery Guts so that my ear drums could get a bit of a rest. I then took a huge, HUGE risk and took Maisie to meet Eammon for dinner at the Chinese buffet. She was just nodding off in the car as we got to the restaurant but I quickly got her out, strapped her into her booster seat (Thanks R & M, it's been a lifesaver) and quickly got her eating her favorite lo mein noodles. She did so well during dinner, charming our waitress and all that passed by with waves and blowing kisses. She barely stayed awake on the ride home and within 10 minutes of walking in the door, she was out for the night.

P6230004 Today I met up with Kathy for an afternoon of dinner preparation at The Dinner A'Fare. We each made a baker's dozen of dinners which in our house, other than one of the delicious Orange BBQ Glazed Pork Chops, are all neatly tucked in the freezer for future nights. This was my first time doing these types of meals and it was a fun way to spend a few hours and preparing meals with no clean-up was a nice little change. It will also be nice to have some new and different quick prep meals in the freezer especially for the nights when Maisie and I have had a full day of activities.

We have some big projects that are going to be happening around the house over the next few weeks but that's for future posts. As far as Maisie activities, well next week looks full of more fun happenings and I'll try to do better with the picture taking as I know Maisie piccies are a lot more interesting than piccies of me!


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Thin pieces of a frozen apple would make her mouth feel so much better!!! (just make sure to watch over her when she is eating it). It worked wonders in our house.


  2. Wow! I just realized that we did not get together all week! So Sad :( Sorry that Miss Maisie is feeling bad, we are so - so - glad that LiLI is done teething :D

    Looks like you and Kathy had fun! Wish I could have joined you guys!

  3. I hope those teeth break through soon. Poor girl.

    The dinner creation place sounds like fun. I have seen them on tv, but have never been. It is a great idea.

  4. Oh! I wish I could have joined you on Saturday. It looked like so much fun!

    Hope Miss Maisie feels better soon. See you on Tuesday!

  5. ohhhhh how we can relate to the teething fun. Autumn is also going through that with those pesky 2yr molars. Oh Joy!

    hang in there and hope (like we are) that they come in and are quick about it!

    take care!



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