Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday again...Already!!

Where did the week go? Time seems to fly by as we're just going, going, going all the time. Maisie and I have had another busy week with lots of play dates and activities. As I posted previously, Monday morning was quite exciting and though we didn't have any more encounters with the rescue squad, the remainder of the week was still eventful and fun.

Monday afternoon we met up with my Marietta Moms group for a play date at the indoor playground at JFBC. P6110031.JPG_Thumbnail1 The play area is wonderful especially on hot summer afternoons, rainy afternoons, cold's just all around fun. P6110036.JPG_Thumbnail1 This is also where, come September, Maisie will be attending Mother's morning out two days a week. P6110033.JPG_Thumbnail1
Tuesday was our weekly lunch play date and this week Randi and Jack hosted. As always it was lots of fun and of course Maisie looked beyond adorable. Unfortunately neither Lisa nor Deb was able to attend this week and take their weekly photo, so I'm going to have to put the little girl in the same adorable outfit again and get a piccie. Tuesday afternoon was hot and humid, perfect for the pool where we spent time until an afternoon thunderstorm rolled though the area.

Wednesday morning Maisie and I visited with Trixie and played with some of her numerous baby toys before being sent home with a couple of wonderful new books. Thanks Trixie, we love all our new books and the gorilla too!! The afternoon brought some errands and a little bit of cooking. Once Eammon arrived home from work, he took Maisie for a nice long swim. I then headed out for an evening with the girls, bidding farewell to one of our neighbors who is moving to Texas. Eammon and Maisie had some good playtime together before he rocked little M to sleep.

Thursday morning brought about a little more shopping where I bought Maisie some wonderful new faux crocs. Her feet are still a few sizes too small for the real ones but personally I think these faux ones are just cute beyond words and of course I bought both the pink and the white!!

After a nice long nap Deb, Ian & LiLi joined us at the pool for almost two hours of swim time. We had perfect timing too as about ten minutes after we decided we had our fill, another afternoon thunder storm rolled though. Eammon was out for a movie night with the guys and little Miss Maisie was beyond knackered so keeping her awake until 7PM was exhausting so once she went down for the night I was toast and just vegged, spending the night watching the current and previous nights recordings of "So You Think You Can Dance"...Love it!!!

Friday morning we once again met up with the Marietta Moms for a morning of fun at The Playroom. Maisie had a blast on the trampoline and in the foam pit and so many of her little friends were there, just great fun. After her very, way, way too brief nap, Brandie and Zoe came over for a little indoor playtime, just a nice relaxing afternoon.

So there passes another week, let's see what happens next week!


  1. Good Gawd where does the week go! Sorry we missed out on both yesterday morning and afternoon ~ looks like you had fun! Wish we had been there!

  2. You and Miss Maisie did have a full week! She is so cute jumping on that trampoline!

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I like those shoes even better than the real ones. They have funk.

  4. Looks like another fun filled week of summer. Love Maisie on the trampoline. So sweet.

  5. Love the shoes! And what a fun week!

  6. Hope hubby had a fantastic fathers day!

  7. Maisie is so darn cute and so are those shoes! The girl has style.


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