Monday, July 02, 2007

Off to a good start

We had a fun and busy weekend and our week has started off well with two play dates in one day! First for the weekend, Saturday Lisa & Doug joined us for a dinner of ChongQing hotpot. I'm so excited that their little Briana is from ChongQing, just like Maisie, so to celebrate and get them ready for the spicy food of the region we gave them a taste of what to expect when they travel. It was a fun evening and Maisie was of course charming giving both Lisa & Doug kisses before she went to bed...of course the charm may have been thanks for all the wonderful little gifts that they brought over for her too!

Sunday we had planned to do some yard work and projects around the house but a better offer was put forth by Cindy, which of course we couldn't turn down. So we just had to "suffer" through an evening with our good friends Cindy & Brent and Trixie & Roger, eating great steaks and drinking fabu wine. All instead of getting our work done...such is life! Cindy and Brent, thanks for a great evening and our fingers are crossed for your referral any day now!!!

This morning started off real well as Maisie slept a little later than usual, not waking up until just after 7am, allowing me some much needed sleep! Then it was off to Jessie & Ava's home for our Library play group. All the little ones had so much fun and what's nice is that they play so well together and there's never any fighting, whining or crying...a perfect way to start each week!


After the Monday morning play dates, it's always a challenge to make it home before Maisie passes out in the car seat even though it never takes more than eight minutes to get home. Once home Maisie took a nice long nap and then our neighbor Gene came over for a quick visit to see Maisie and to pick up some apple cake. Next we were off to the indoor play area at JFBC where we met up with Deb & LiLi as well as some of the girls from my Marietta Moms group. Maisie ran around, had a great time and really tired her self out...what a great way to finish off the afternoon. P7020003.JPG_Thumbnail1


  1. Youve been quite busy!!!!!

    How fun!

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