Friday, June 08, 2007

Keeping the little girl busy

DSC03085 Monday, Maisie and I played with our library story time playgroup and it was good fun. I got some lovies from Katie, but Maisie wanted to make sure that both Katie and I knew that I was her person so she too climbed into my lap. Maisie doesn't cry or get upset if I hold another child but she'll always climb into my lap and cuddle in close.

IMG_0040 Tuesday we lunched and had a fun play date at Kathy's home with Deb & LiLi, Heather & Lily, an anxious, waiting for the call, Mom-to-be Lisa and Randi & Jack. After these weekly play dates Maisie is completely knackered and generally doesn't make it five minutes in the car before falling fast asleep and this Tuesday was no different. Maisie looked adorable (of course!) in her dress from my second July secret pal Anjela and thanks to Lisa for the piccie. It's wonderful having friends to get together with each week, being able to engage in some adult conversation, enjoy great lunches all whilst watching the little ones play together and having fun.

Wednesday started with me obsessively checking the computer looking for Lisa's referral, even before any of the agencies were open and would have started calls. I had to leave the computer as we needed to attend our last Music Together class before summer session begins in a few weeks. After music we returned home so that Maisie could have her nap and I could hit refresh over and over waiting to see Briana for the first time.

Maisie.jpg_Thumbnail1 Since I knew that Maisie wouldn't be interested in looking at the computer all afternoon we had arranged for Deb, LiLi and Ian to come over for a swim. Maisie and LiLi did so well at the pool, we were in the water for almost 90 minutes! LiLi and Maisie.jpg_Thumbnail1 Of course as soon as I came back in the house I was hitting that refresh button and sending pleading messages to Lisa to hurry up and post piccies! Seeing Briana's sweet face was worth the wait and to top it off, she's a Chongqing cutie just like Maisie!!

Thursday and Friday were all about the pool. Thursday morning we met up with Brandie and Zoe and went swimming in their pool then after a long nap and some lunch we spent the afternoon in our pool. At the end of the day, the former water hating Maisie didn't want to get out of the pool as she was having so much fun.

DSC03118 Friday morning was a play date at the home of one of one of the gals in my Marietta Mom's group. She has a beautiful yard with a pool and play area. It was just a perfect morning and both the adults and children had a great time. Plus I got to get some cuddles from the adorable Celia...and of course Maisie too!

We then met up with Brandie and Zoe for an afternoon at their pool before a much needed rain storm blew through the area. Maisie likes to be held in the water but her favorite time is sitting on the step in just a few inches of water, playing with some toys. I'm still trying to get her into a floaty but she's not having any of it yet but hopefully soon.

Though Maisie smiles all the time, it's rare to capture it on film but tonight I did, getting two of the cutest piccies as Maisie was eating dinner at her little picnic table. P6080016 She was having a great time eating her dinner as she watched the rain come down on the pond. P6080017


  1. It was so great seeing you and Miss Maisie on Tuesday! I honestly can't help taking pictures of adorable Maisie!

    And Wednesday was an amazing day! I can't tell you how excited I am to have a Chongqing cutie like you!

    I LOVE that picture of Maisie smiling as she is eating at that pink table!

  2. I LOVE those pics of Maisie eating on her picnic table! Lokk at her cute smile!


  3. What a busy week! I wish I had gotten a better picture of Maisie, probably would have if I'd given Ian the camera!

    Love the table :D

  4. Those are some sweet smiles on Maisie!

  5. OMG - she gets cuter every time I come to your blog. What a sweetheart! I am glad she will have another playmate close by. SOOO happy for Lisa and Doug!

  6. What a social life! And I love the pink table...

  7. Maisie is adorable!! Love her sweet smile! I'm glad that she's warming up to the water. That will make for a bearable summer, cause it's HOT!!!

    Hugs ~

  8. THIS - is what keeps me going!

  9. What a smile, great pic and that baby you are holding looks literally like a doll!!!

    Im so happy for Lisa and Doug


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