Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend in review

Saturday was a lovely day for the ladies as it was Sonia's shower. I've never seen so many gifts in one place in my entire life. That Kailee is going to be one spoiled little girl. She wasn't feeling too well so we only got to see her in her pretty dress for a short time, but she was adorable.

Saturday night I went to a dinner for one of my book club/bunco ladies who is moving to the Nutmeg state. Poor thing, she's going to have to invest in a snow blower!! I'll tell you, I do not, not, not miss winter and snow! When I left to go to the dinner at 6PM I told Eammon that I should be home by 9 or 10PM but we were both surprised when I came wandering in at 1:30am!! Sad part was, the party broke up around 9:30, but another girl and I were sitting outside the restaurant talking and man, can we ever talk!!

Sunday it was time to get dressed pretty again as it was off to Church for Kailee's Christening. Luckily she was feeling better and looked like a little angel in her white dress. I hope that Julie or someone else got a good picture which I can nick and add to this post sometime in the future!! Then it was back to Sonia's for another wonderful luncheon and more presents!!

With so much good food and good company, all I could manage when we got home late Sunday afternoon was to pretend to watch t.v. whilst laying on the sofa with my eyes firmly closed!!!

Another highlight of my weekend was that Sunday ended my current reign as a Football widow...Well at least until March when I become Rugby widow with the start of the European Rugby Union Championship.

I now have so many plans to keep myself busy during the wait so there's no chance of me spiraling down into the depths of depression again, but all those plans, that's another post. Also, keep checking back as I have a Fabu update on Baby S's 100 Good Wishes Quilt and the amazing Kim Brown!

Ta for now.

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