Sunday, July 16, 2006

Do they have salsa in Utah?

Well they will, as M3 is joining in on the fun, shopping, sight seeing, gossiping, gallivanting and trouble making as fellow friends and bloggers Kim, Donna, Julie, Lisa, Tiffany and I meet up and descend upon Salt Lake City!! Hopefully M3 will have her referral so that we can ooohhh and aaahhhh over Funshine's referral pic. Watch out SLC as you never know what's going to happen or be too careful when gangs of hormone crazed adoptive waiting Moms-to-be hit the town!

Finding out that M3 was joining us was the perfect ending of a great weekend. Yesterday I met for the first time, fellow adoptive Mom-to-be Stephanie. We just hit it off like old friends, nice lunch, window shopping and lots of talking. I can't wait to get together with her and her husband for a night of sushi and good new friends.

Today we had friends Venkat, Jaya and their adorable 3 year old son Rohan over for blacksmith pizzas*. Wow, are we ever going to be exhausted when Baby S gets here because kids are on the go, go, go! Rohan did help us out by showing us all the places where we need to child proof and what things need to be removed from the reach of small hands. Over all it was a fun lunch but now I think it's nap time.

* I call these grilled pizzas Blacksmith pizzas in honor of my blacksmith friend, George Martell. He's the one who taught me how to make these wonderful and delicious delicacies. Check out the fine metal furniture section of his site to see the award winning and beautiful teapot table and chair kitchen set that he made me.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I'm so jealous.....ooohhh what I would give to meet up with you fun gals! Can you sneak one more into the group?

    Kimberly Evans

  2. Woohooo, we are going to have a fun time!!!!! I'm with you "watch out SLC!"

  3. Those pizzas look scrumptious! Perhaps I need to re-think going out for seem to be cook just about everything and I bet it's all divine! Loved meeting you and can't wait until we get together again!

  4. Now that's some group, watch out Utah!!!! Have fun.

  5. So jealous you're meeting up with M3! You MUST take a ton of pictures! Have the best time ever!

    Those pizzas are making me hungry!

  6. Have a great time! And I never thought about "how safe" fellow adopters are. That's pretty funny! Enjoy.

  7. I can't wait!!! This is going to be so fun..and you make a good point...we have all been screened...we're safe!


  8. Y'all are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to se pics!

  9. Ooooh!! Have fun, fun, fun! Can't wait to see some pics!

  10. Wow, those pizza's look great!!! Tomato and asparagus can't be beat. Are they on pita or pizza dough?

    I can't believe how big our SLC group is getting...this is awesome! Can't wait to meet everyone. Look out SLC...raging hormones here we come!!

  11. That pizza looked so delicious... wanna send one Florida way???? Fun blog... first time I have see it... will have to check in on you again... take care...


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