Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The past few nights both Eammon and I have had difficulty sleeping. I'm not sure what his problem is, but mine definitely has something to do with Baby S and the feeling that our referral isn't all that far away. I lay in bed, wide awake obsessing over packing lists. Sure I've collected a few hundred from those who've been there/done that as well as checking out every single packing list of those who are still planning and buying out all the travel item at Tar*jay. But I think the problem may be, that to date, I have no list of my own.

It's weird because I have no doubts that everything we'll need will fit into our bags even with our plans to go carry-on only*. I haven't done any test runs like Julie who has packed and re-packed her bags numerous times, but I just know everything will fit. Our doctor has said he has no problems in getting us whatever meds we want or need and I know that all the necessities can be easily found at the local stores, we have all the clothing we'll need for both us and Baby S and I know that in China we can purchase many of the items, so why is this keeping me awake?

I guess my only solution is to actually start my list, put it in writing, maybe purchase a few of the necessities and even possibly do a test run on the packing. So, what are my must have items? If you've btdt or know the secrets please help out this stressed out sleepless girl by letting me know the must have items, so I can get my list together and get some sleep!

* No, we're not crazy. We're actually both good travelers and we try to always go COO whenever possible. Of course usually we're only packing bathing suits and sunscreen, but we're going to give it our best effort for the China trip and plus, I know it will all fit. Wow, do I need some sleep!!!


  1. wI am DYING to know how the heck someone goes carry on only to China. How the heck do you accoplish that? I've seen the packing lists!

  2. 3:27am?! boy you do need some sleep! i too have a very strong feeling that your referral is right around the corner.

  3. Carry on only!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless....

  4. You're a better person than me. I can't even go for a weeend trip with carry ons. too many shoes, too little space.

  5. Carry on only? That's impressive! I really hope you get some sleep soon. Posting at 3:00 am cannot be good.

  6. Right there with you on the insomnia. Hey do you have Yahoo Instant Messgr? We could be IMing each other in the middle of the night about our packing lists. (kidding!)(sort of)(hehe)

  7. Hey Lisa, I am a lurker on your blog and love it! Dan and I went to China and were COO - backpacks. When we go back for baby #2 we plan to pack even lighter - if you can believe that. I think that you are an East Cobb girl like me and would love to meet for coffee sometime! Let me know!

    Debbie L.

  8. Hey Lisa - I can send you my monsterous list. It has about everything you can think of from all those who have btdt. Plus I've made notes as to what you can/should buy in China.

    I have your email address so I'll shoot it over to you. It's in Excel and it's several spreadsheets.

    Get some sleep!



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