Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All American Baby!

Next July Baby S is going to be the cutest and best dressed "all American baby" when she wears the adorable patriotic outfit, socks and bib that my August secret pal sent this month. The theme was patriotic baby and she hit the nail on the head! I had to check out all of the items really carefully because when she sent her "best dressed baby" gift back in May, I missed the fact that my crafty pal not only decorated the hat she sent but also hand beaded the socks! Check them out here in case you missed them.

In addition to the outfit, socks and bib, she sent a cute frame in the shape of a Teddy bear holding an American flag as well as a totally wonderful pop-up book. I loved pop-up books when I was a child, shoot I still love pop-up books! Eammon and I can't wait to sit with Baby S and read to her whilst playing with the pop-ups!! Each month my pal also includes an adorable little tag with the gifts which I've been saving so that I can add them to Baby S's scrap book.

Thank you my August pal, once again you've made my day.


  1. July has always been my favorite month and the 4th is my one of my favorite holidays I can't wait to see Baby S dressed up in all her finery! Kacey has a few R W & Blue togs too so we can go on a stroller parade!

  2. What a cute collection of gifts! Baby S would look so sweet in this outfit on your official swearing in day in Guangzhou!

  3. Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. My Earthlink spamblocker is set really high, so forgive the return email. I've added you to my address book and I hope you'll feel like leaving comments again.

    Those red, white, and blue clothes are so dang cute! I can hardly wait to start the whole Secret Pal thing with my DTC group.


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