Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Snow, yet again!

So yesterday we ended up with 2-3 inches of snow but thankfully the roadways stayed mainly clear. By the time Maisie awoke from her nap the snow had stopped but there was a light rain falling so it really wasn't great weather to play outside. We did go out for a bit but the snow was already melting and it was an extremely wet snow which wasn't fun to play with, so we didn't stay out long. Maisie was excited to be out and be in the snow but was even happier when she headed over to K & A's for some playtime.

Today our county had a 2-hour delayed start time for all the schools because of all the snow melting and freezing on the roads over night so Maisie's (private) school followed suit. By the time we headed off this morning the roads were completely clear and the sun was shining but it's still way too cold for my liking. Things are looking up though as the extended forecast shows temps going up to the 60's with plenty of sunshine, happy days!!!


  1. I'm so ready for spring!!!

    Briana's preschool actually closed today because of the Cobb delay. Crazy!

    The snow was very wet. I actually let Bri go outside with rain boots and an umbrella!

  2. Yikes, the weather has been so crazy it's unbelievable. I am SO ready for sunshine.

  3. We only had a 1 hr delay this morning. Instead of staring at 8 they started a 9. The roads were fine. There was no need for a delay but whatever!!

    I got out and played. The snow was a wet snow but it was great for packing. I don't really think we got a whole lot of drizzle over here. Pretty much all snow. I'm so sad it's all gone. That being said, the idea of Spring is definitely looking appealing.


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