Friday, March 12, 2010

Making the best of it

Two different Princess shoes and spending time playing on her computer made a rainy and dreary day fun and interesting for little Maisie Miao Miao.

I've been reduced to using my little purse camera as my SLR camera has been giving me some problems so it's in for repairs. I really miss it and hope that the problem is something that can be easily & quickly repaired as we leave on our cruise in just 29 days!! I need help from anyone who has done a transatlantic cruise as to what I need to pack as far as clothing. I know it will be quite cool on the water and the average temps for this time of year in our ports (Funchal Madeira, Portugal; Cadiz Seville, Spain; Gibraltar and Barcelona, Spain) appears to be in the 60's but that could be warm or cold depending on the sun/wind and rain. I am so at a loss as to what we'll need to wear so any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


  1. Wow, I somehow missed that your cruise is transatlantic. Awesome. Sadly, never having been on any kind of cruise (much less a trans) I am no help in the packing thing. Except for the one thing you've already thought of ... layers. I do know two things that you shouldn't forget to pack though ... me and Emi! :)

    Have a great time, can't wait to hear about your adventures.


  2. No idea what to pack, I've never been on a transatlantic crossing! How fortunate that Maisie's school lets her go on that type of amazing vacation (our school here if much more strict on taking time off during the school year!) or will she be done with the school year by then?

    I would say pack layers! And send us lots and lots of pics so we can enjoy vicariously :-)

  3. Less than a month until your cruise! So jealous I can't stand it. It snowed here all weekend. I am ready for a change of venue. I love the two shoes and the fancy work desk. She is quite the little lady!

  4. You are going to have such a great time:) Let me know if you need to stay the night the day before the cruise:)

  5. I haven't been over here in forever..
    thanks for stopping by the new blog..
    Love the photo..
    you are always taking amazing trips..
    have a great time.

  6. Oh, I'm really excited for you! A transatlantic cruise in less than a month! I have absolutely no idea how you would pack for that. I say just buy lots of new clothes at all the different ports!


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