Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cell phone pictures

I'm still without my camera but hopefully this week I'll have it back. Funny that I can go days without using the camera but when I don't have it, of course I want it all the time. Maisie and I had a good week and it was especially nice to finally get some warm and sunny weather.

Friday morning we met up with Kathy & Chani for lunch. It's been forever since we last saw them so it was great to catch up and spend a bit of time together.

After lunch we attended one of Maisie's classmate's birthday party. Maisie still isn't thrilled with jumpy places especially when there are a lot of children and it gets loud but she definitely enjoyed all the treats, cake and the juice box which is a rare treat for her.

Today Maisie enjoyed some playtime with K & A. First Maisie spent a few hours over at their house and then they all came over here to continue the playing.

Maisie and A looked so cute sharing one chair and working on the computer together.

We ended our day back over at K & A's house where Anne made a yummy dinner for all of us and we got to watch videos of their recent Disney cruise, the same ship that Maisie and I will be sailing on in just 20 much to do and so little time, oh my!

We're ready for the upcoming week and looking forward to enjoying all our activities and hopefully some good warm weather.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Cell phone camera or not, they're still adorable pics - as always! :)

  2. So cute. Love the heart dress. I just love friends!

  3. can't believe how big Maisie is getting.
    we need to make plans soon!

  4. I can't get photos half this good off of my cell phone. Great improvise, mom!

    Have fun on your cruise. We'll be pushing away from the dock in just under three months. Never done this before and hope we don't get sea sick!

    Can't wait to see your pics. Hopefully not on your cell phone though! ;)

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