Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A quickie

That was Maisie's day at school today. I dropped Maisie off at school at 8:30am, just as the snow began to fall and at 10:20am her teacher Miss Nancy called to let me know that the school was closing early due to more snow falling than expected and that carpool lane would start at 11:45. I figured why wait and let the roads get any more snow on them and worse than they were so I just headed over to the school and by 11:30 we were home and enjoying lunch together. Maisie wanted to eat the bento which I had packed for her, so that made lunch fast and easy. Then after we ate we snuggled in bed together and she read two school books to me before her nap. Maisie really wants to play in the snow later and since gymnastics has been cancelled, she'll probably will get her wish.

Maisie enjoying her bento at home while the snow falls outside.


  1. Truly makes me laugh. We were supposed to have snow Saturday, but it by-passed us. Must have gone to you. Maybe mother nature is blind this year and keeps going to the wrong places. My hubby's family in Texas has had more snow than us this year.

    Love the Bento boxes!!!

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    April was really funny this morning. As she and Michael were leaving the house this morning, she starting yelling, "Baba, Baba, yippee, snow - Mommy was right again" (this kid is smart :))

    I don't know how much accumulated at our house, but I'm thinking April is going to want to play in it, too.

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You have snow, we are 40 and sunny with snow melting!

  4. I can NOT believe all the snow you all are getting in the south this year! Meanwhile, temps have been in the upper 50s and lower 60s in Washington State. And the sun has been out most days, too!
    Anyway, glad you got Maisie home safely. I want to see pics of her playing in the snow! She looks pretty happy about it...


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