Sunday, June 01, 2008

Has it really been that long?

Has it really been an entire week since my last post? Wow has this week flown by!

IMG_2090b Maisie's finished all her antibiotics and is back to full energy and feeling great. Eammon was home for an extended holiday though Tuesday so there was lots of extra outside running around, pool and family time which Maisie just adored. In addition we fit in some playtime with friends which is always a favorite.

IMG_2068a The highlight of our week was yesterday morning when Maisie and I attended the Spring Gymnastics Blast at the gym where she takes gymnastics classes. The morning was reserved for the younger children and it was fun to watch all the children and their different levels of ability. There was a cute little performance by the girls pre-team followed by a group stretch. Next each of the different classes worked their way around the gym from event to event. I watched Maisie on the trampoline, bars, beam, floor and tumble track. The final stop for Maisie's group was to walk up on the podium to receive their certificates. There were also some fun activities, face painting, funky hair coloring, manicures, a bouncy castle and even more, but after two hours of activity Maisie was tired and ready for her nap (as was I) so we headed home.

IMG_2076 Today we're going to rest up and maybe just hit the pool as this coming week starts our busy summer schedule. For the next six weeks Maisie will be attending camp on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am - 1PM followed by three weeks of gymnastics camp, same days and times. Maisie has been selected to join an "invitation only" gymnastics class so during the weeks this summer when she's not at gymnastics camp and then again in the fall, we'll have gymnastics classes from 3 - 4:30 on both Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Then let's not forget our Monday library play group and various other play groups and gatherings on Friday mornings and of course we want to get in some pool and playground time so overall it looks like we'll be busy, busy, busy having fun, fun, fun!!


  1. Cuteness! We should plan a bloggy get together for this summer....

  2. She looks so cute in her little leotard. That is pretty cool that she got an invitation only invite. She must be good! I am pooped just reading about your plans. I don't even know what we are doing tomorrow.

  3. Woohoo to Ms. Maise in her gymnastic glory!

    She IS all about the pink and wears it well.

  4. Yeah Maisie! Sounds like you have a fun, busy summer ahead of you.

  5. Super cute and sounds like tons of fun activities planned.

  6. You have one cute little tumbler there!

  7. Enjoy your fun filled summer!
    P.S.: Can you believe that we just hit our 2 year LID anniversary?
    :-) Michaela

  8. Hi Lisa

    It is so heartwarming to see how this little girl has blossomed since she met you and her Dad. You have brought her out of her shell to be a confident little darling. All because of your love and patience. She is so stinking cute too of course!


  9. way to go Maisie!!!

  10. What a perfect outfit for a little angel. The summer sounds fun!!

  11. I love the new look to your blog!!! Glad everyone is on the mend too! Oh and Maisie looks too cute in her leotard!!! How fun!


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