Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another week that is, just gone with nary a post or picture. I can't believe how fast the days have flown by, it's just been amazing! Maisie is just loving life, having so much fun this summer. The 6-week Church camp she's been attending is half over and she's already looking forward to gymnastics camp. Gymnastics classes are still her favorite activity of the week with time in the pool and camp being way up there too as she just loves her teachers and all the fun daily activities.

IMG_2170a We continue to see our Library friends on Mondays and when time permits we get together with more friends. Yesterday morning, Maisie and I met Trixie & Andrew and Cindy & Claire at the new Playroom. It was only their second day being open for drop-in play and for the first two hours there, we had the gym and really the entire facility, except the party room, to ourselves. We all brought food for a little pot-luck brunch which we enjoyed in the family eating area. The children both young and old had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing with all the balls and equipment. Maisie jumped from 9am until 1PM, well after her friends and the few other families who also came in had left.

IMG_2167 I think Maisie's favorite activity of the day was when she would run up this long ramp into Trixie's arms to be thrown up in the air, then she would quickly be put down so that she could run to me where I would just throw her across and into the foam pit. The smiles on her face and the laughter were priceless. After four hours of all out running, bouncing and climbing Maisie had little interest in napping, though I was quite ready to rest. She did finally fall asleep but only napped for 40 minutes before heading outside to play in the pool with Baba. We are both looking forward to our next visit to the Playroom and hopefully it will be with good friends again!

We are ready to start yet another week which will be more of the same, fun, fun and fun! Hopefully I get on the ball and take more pictures and post more often but all our fun keeps us very busy. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.


  1. Dare went down for his nap at Noon and slept until 4:30!!! It was such an exciting day for him. He loved loved loved being with Claire and Maisie. I loved it too. I noticed that you didn't post any of the jumping photos :) so I assume that Trixie looked horrible! heeheee Maisie was so sweet the way she watched Dare. He wanted to be right next to her on the trampoline and she didn't mind at all. And our little game of being thrown in the air was fun too. Let's do this again soon!

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    So happy to see what you all have been doing. Sounds like Maisie is having a ball! Hope you all have a great week!!!

  3. Wow - looks like fun :-D I think that we are going to have to check it out this week!

  4. Love the picture of her in the foam pit. SHe looks like she is in total bliss. Just reading all you guys pack into a week makes me tired. I don't know how you do it, Supermom?!

  5. Look at Maisie! Oh to be a kid again ...young, carefree, and so much energy.

    She is so darn cute.

  6. Hey Lisa! I know I haven't stopped and commented in a loooong time, but I do read :) Just had to stop and tell you that even I got exhausted from reading about all that activity and then Miss M only napping for 40 mins! lol!!!


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