Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a week

This past week has been all about laying low and lots of extra hugs and kisses. It started last Sunday night when Maisie spiked a fever of over 104. With a bath and some meds we were able to bring her temp down to a more reasonable level and she was able to sleep through the night. Both Monday and Tuesday Maisie's temperature remained around 100 and she was like a rag doll, constantly attached to me. Each time I would stand-up she would say "sit down Mama, open chair (recliner), cover my feet." So there we sat for two days snuggled together under a blanket watching more Thomas and Friends than any adult should be subjected to. For my little girl-on-the-go to stop and just lay on me, dozing on and off, I knew she wasn't well so Thomas it was. Tuesday afternoon we were happy to be home as huge rain, tornado and hail storms passed through the area. We all snuggled together and watched out the windows as the storms passed. Thankfully other than a few small branches down we had no damage.

Wednesday morning Maisie was running just a low grade fever but her nose was an open tap of yellow goo. So at 9am I decided to call the doctor and by 10:45 we were walking out of her office with a prescription in hand and a diagnosis of a sinus infection. We made a quick stop at the grocery to pick up a few essentials and the meds then we were home for naps, both hers and mine. She awoke with a lot more of her usual pep so I decided it would be good for us to get out of the house so we went to gymnastics where she had a wonderful time. By bedtime her temperature was normal and the entire house slept well.

Thankfully Maisie awoke Thursday morning fever free and pretty much back to normal energy though still very clingy. I then read a few blogs which all reported the same news and my heart couldn't help but to go out to a family I only know through a few songs and their involvement in the world of adoption. My heart especially ached for the boy that may never forgive himself and for the little girl who will never experience all that her future was to be. I then stepped back and appreciated even more my little girl and relished her clingy ways giving her all the hugs and snuggles she asked for and more.

Friday morning we had some appointments then after nap time I took Maisie to get her hair cut. She chose to sit in the police car for her cut and has decided that getting her hair cut is lots of fun thus she was a star and super cooperative with her hairdresser Tina. She and I made it home just minutes before more heavy storms passed through the area so once again we snuggled as thunder boomed and terrific lightning streaked through the sky. Maisie is a bit afraid of the thunder and so as we snuggled together I could hear her little mantra "it's just thunder, it's just noise, Mama always comes back, it's just thunder, it's just noise, Mama always comes back." Just so stinking cute, I can't help but love my little girl.

Yesterday was the first full day our pool was open so Maisie and Eammon spent some time playing in the water together allowing me time to get laundry and a few other things done around the house. Then today was a guys get-together/bbq with some of Eammon's work mates and he wanted to take Maisie along so I enjoyed a nice, rare, quiet afternoon to myself.

IMG_2063a The picture is from this morning when Maisie informed me that she was dressed to go to work and to "take a picture Mama", such a character just gotta love her!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.


  1. So glad to hear your sweet girl is feeling better. Love the "dressed up" pic :)

  2. Hi! I'm glad Maisie is feeling better. It has been going around....
    And, yes let's all treasure these lil ones. They grow up too fast and you just never know.....

  3. She's stylin! Glad to hear your sweet Maisie is feeling better.

  4. Her thunder mantra is too dang cute -- love it.

    R&M have the yellow goo too. Finally decided it wasn't a cold and took them to the doc, so our girls are drinking the pink prescription medicine now too.

  5. She looks soooo grown up~ I am thinking college girl. Wow! Glad she is feeling better, but snuggle time is pretty dang great~ Glad you were okay with those awful storms!

  6. So glad that she is feeling better. She is looking so grown up in her picture.

  7. How she has grown up! I remember when she hated having her picture taken!!! I must say, "the shoes - the bag! Just love her!"

    Poor little girl. Its sucks to be sick. Hope the yellow snot train stops soon.

    I love her little "thunder mantra" - that is so stinkin cute!

  8. So sorry to hear that Maisie was so sick. Glad she is feeling better.

    I was thinking of you guys when the storms hit on Tuesday. You all got it bad.

    Cute pic!

  9. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Glad to hear all is well. She is getting so big. Love the days of extra hugs and snuggles.

  10. Poor little sweetie with a fever and all. I am glad she is feeling better. And I love her hair cute. She is so precious!

  11. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I am so sorry Maisie has been sick but so glad she is better. EK had been fighting a sneezy thing too. I amy end up taking her to the dr. Hope you all had a great holiday.

  12. Sorry to hear that she was sick for a while. I'm happy that she is doing better. Hey, accidentaly lost your email. Can you email me?
    Hope to talk with you soon!

  13. That photo is a hoot. She IS the gal on the move.

    Sorry to hear she had a lousy start to the week and glad things are lookin' up.

    She is growing so just amazes me. I see all little girl where baby once was.


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