Saturday, June 28, 2008

Twirly Whirly Girl

Maisie and I have had yet another busy and fun week filled with camp and gymnastics. In addition we've had a couple of play dates with LiLi & Deb, some pool time and not one but two days of jumping fun at The Playroom. Maisie just can't get enough of the trampolines and foam pit, jumping for hours straight. Unfortunately her naps and sleep time don't reflect all the activity of the day with naps down to 40 minutes or less while also going to sleep later and then waking very early. I don't know how Maisie keeps going and going but somehow she has energy enough to exhaust any and all adults watching her.

IMG_2270a Deb found a lovely little park so very early this morning before heading to The Playroom we met up with Deb & family to take some pictures of the girls. Maisie wasn't in the mood to show many real smiles but she did have fun dancing and twirling around, looking at the flowers and the fountain. I can't wait to see what pictures Deb got but of the ones I took, this one of her twirling and having fun is my favorite.

I'm still trying to find the time to take more pictures and post more often but I don't seem to be all that successful in that endeavor. I'll continue to try and hopefully this coming week I'll be more successful.


  1. Yes - I did get some good ones :D I just love her cheesy grin! Sorry we couldn't go to the play room - Dan decided to take today off and we went to see Get Smart. LOL - was it funny :D talk tomorrow!
    Ladybug hugs,

  2. Maisie's energy makes me need a nap just hearing about it. Ah, the glories of youth! I remember those days.

  3. You can see she is pretty happy! Isn't that what makes everything great?

  4. I totally understand how you feel regarding Maisie having boundless energy! Man, Briana has it too!

    Love the pic!


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