Sunday, June 08, 2008

Boot camp

IMG_2122a I haven't pushed potty training with Maisie but she's shown interest and will often use her potty to do pee pee. There have also been days where for a few hours while home I've had her in panties and she's done great but when she gets tired or needs to poo, she'll cry for a diaper. Then on Thursday at camp she told her teacher each time she needed to use the potty and kept her diaper dry all morning. Since Friday we only had a morning play date and nothing planned for the weekend, I decided it would be a great weekend to take on potty boot camp.

{Potty talk ahead so proceed at your own risk} Thursday night we gathered up all the diapers and had Maisie put them into a trash bag and throw them away outside in the bin (Eammon quickly recovered the bag of diapers and hid them just in case). Since Maisie has never made it through a night dry, I did have her in a diaper Thursday night. Then Friday it was panties and she did great, letting me know each time she needed to use the bathroom even when we were out at our play date. She wasn't able to make it through nap time with out wetting herself and when she awoke she was so upset when she realized that she had wet the bed, poor little thing. She never did a poo on Friday so that night I put a diaper on her again.

Saturday morning she was back in panties and at about 9:15am she started freaking out crying for a diaper. I knew that she needed to poo so we were off to the bathroom where she let one little raisin out and then refused to leave the toilet saying she needed to poo. She was one determined little girl but didn't seem to be able to poo. Three hours later I had to pry her off the potty chair as she needed a nap. I decided to risk having her nap in panties again and once again she awoke wet. As soon as she woke she was in tears about wetting the bed and wanted to get back on the potty as she said she needed to poo. After three hours in the morning and another hour in the afternoon of sitting in the bathroom, my back was tired and my butt had turned to stone, so much to Maisie's chagrin we moved her potty chair to the family room and let her sit there eating Go-gurts and watching Thomas and Friends. She just refused to get up off the potty chair as she really wanted to do a poo. Another hour passed and then very casually she said "I did poo poo, poo poo's brown." Sure enough she had done her poo!! Eammon and I made a big deal out of it doing high fives and giving Maisie mini M&M's, a Wiggles book & music player and then we all went out for ice cream to celebrate. She was so proud of herself and her entire personality changed in such a positive way once she had that accomplishment. I once again put her in a diaper over night as I knew she wouldn't make it through the night. Not wanting to keep her in diapers when she slept and being tired of washing and remaking her bed daily, once she went to sleep I ran out and bought some training pants to use during nap time and over night. I want her to think she's wearing panties to sleep and not get used to having a diaper.

Today she had a little accident when Eammon didn't get her to the bathroom quickly enough and at nap time she wore the training pants and awoke dry!! I'm hoping that the training pants are a good option for us and I figure that her keeping dry at nap time and over night will come. For now though we are living diaper free and hoping that she keeps up the good work.

IMG_2114a On another note, today it was wicked hot. I think with the heat index it was over 100 and quite humid. Eammon set up Maisie's little pool on the deck and she just loved playing in there squirting Eammon with the water gun and throwing the splash balls to really get him soaked. Overall it was a fun and I feel, successful weekend.



  1. Way to go! These are the moments I cant wait for..Not necessarily the potty training, but the celebrating

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Way to go Maisie! It sounds like potty success. Good for you guys for staying with it.


  3. Go Maisie!!!!!!
    I snorted over the "little raisin" sentence.
    You are darn right - it was WICKED HOT yesterday!!!

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Baba is very proud of you Sweetpea for using the poitty like a big girl.


  5. Way to go Maisie! That is awesome! I have so much to look forward to soon, don't I? LOL!

  6. Way to go Maisie. Katie did Potty Boot camp last week too. She is doing great, although the poops are the hardest to become regular at.
    For sheets, I tucked a couple layers of towels under her sheets at night. That way I only had to wash the sheets, not the mattress pad each day.
    No drinks after dinner also helped her stay dry all night. She had a juice box last night (from Daddy) and peed in bed. So no more juice after dinner.
    Way to go Maisie! Summertime seems like the best time to train!

  7. Way to go Maisie!! Hope you have many more dry days!!

  8. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Congratulations Maisie! Way to go. You've reached a real big-girl milestone :) Instead of being "forever in blue jeans" Maisie can be "forever in panties."

    We're going to try this with April 4th of July weekend, when we're going to be home for three days straight. We are so looking forward to being diaper free, too.

    Yes, this heat has been unbearable -- the A/C broke in our office building today and it was 80 degrees until noon! Even the usually cold people were complaining!


  9. I am laughing so hard. "She let a little raisen out." Okay I am so glad to hear someone else describe it like that! So glad you are having success. Love the swimsuit. I swear she is the best dressed girl in the world.

  10. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Potty training is so much fun! Our oldest (Hubei) girl trained in 2 weeks including wearing undies at night. I was so smug in the knowlege that even though she was my first child, it was my brilliant potty training technique that made such a difference. At 5.5 years, she to this date has not had even one night time accident! And then my Jiangxi girl came along...hmmm...let's just say that she's an always on the go personality type. Potty training during the day took FOREVER because she couldn't be bothered to take the time to stop to go to the bathroom if she was in a busy play moment. NOTHING in her pants bothered her. I think she must have the bladder the size of a pea because she always has to go with about 30 seconds to spare when the "urge" comes - and don't you know that the "call" usually comes when I am in the very farthest corner of our supersize Target. Hell hath no fury like a woman running the Target shopping cart course to get to the family bathroom on time. She's also deep sleeper so at night she can't be bothered to wake up with pull-ups on. I am finally having night time success with using special soft cloth underpants with extra padding that is just as absorbant as a pull-up but I think they must feel the wetness faster. I had tried the rubber training pants but found that she was sweating too much and developing a rash with them. Here's the website where I purchased them from a really nice family business: Maybe something to consider if what you are using doesn't work for you down the road.
    Good luck! Barbara(

  11. WOW! If only I had this happening in my house! Gracie is great at school but at home? Different story! Way to go Maisie.. lol ... literally!


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