Friday, May 02, 2008

Car talk

Maisie and I had the following little conversation this morning in the car:

Maisie: I'm sick.
Me: No, you're not sick, you're perfect!
Maisie: Maisie's perfect AND Mama's perfect.
Me: Awwww... What about Baba, is Baba perfect too?
Maisie: Nooooooo Baba's not perfect, Baba's old!!

Bwaahahahaha, I love it especially since Eammon is 3 years younger than I, yeah Maisie!!

P5020009a1 Back in August '06 I posted that my car reached 188,000 miles, I had been averaging 3,600 miles per year and was paying $2.64/gal for gas. Now with all of Maisie's activities I've almost doubled my annual mileage averaging 6,800 miles per year. Just minutes before 11 this morning, I clocked 200,000 miles on my car. I think it's sort of cool reaching 200K miles especially considering that I probably put 95% or more of those miles on the car. The other big change from twenty-one months ago is that today petrol was $3.42/gal...OY!!

Since my post linked above had a few whinges in it, I've decided to add my whinge of the day to this post. I have an appointment this afternoon and I called the office to get directions. I was told to take highway XX, get off at exit XXX, take a left and then at the second red light take a right and they would be immediately on the right. Well what happens if after getting off at the exit I only encounter green lights, do I keep going until I count out two red lights and then, will they really be there immediately on my right when I'm eighteen traffic signals down the road?? Yes, I know I'm being silly but it's just a pet peeve. Just for good measure here's another pet peeve. When someone tells me that they are the last yellow house on the road. Well thank you very much, now I have to drive by their house, all the way to the end of the road only to turn around to find the last stinking yellow house on the street...especially wonderful when paying $3.42/gal for petrol.

I've been bad about taking pics of Maisie but hopefully this weekend I'll get some nice ones. We have a fun weekend planned as we are heading up to Chattanooga, TN to have a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. Maisie loves Thomas and trains in general so I'm hoping for a good day. I've been talking up the whole event, about riding on the train and meeting Sir Topham Hatt so I'm just hoping that seeing a full-size Thomas with giant eyes and a huge mouth doesn't freak her out. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. "No, Baba's old" - ok, I am laughing REALLY hard right now!

    Gas prices are making me completely sick right now!

    Have a super time this weekend! Want to see lots of pics of Miss Maisie!

  2. ooooh... Chattanooga is fun fun fun! We stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo and loved it! Have fun and I hope to see Maise and Thomas pics!! :)

    Lisa :)

    P.S. I knew I'd get scolded... told Ed I was in trouble ... lol. Definitely next time in ATL! :)

  3. I can't believe I mis-spelled Maisie's name! Sorry :(

  4. Wow! 200,000 miles! But only 6K per year?? Amazing! I average 16-20K per year! I just rolled over 171,000 miles, most of which have been done my me since 2002 (it's a '97). I"m hoping to reach 200K!!! I'm glad I drive less than I used to with gas so expensive and all.
    Maisie is a cutie, too!

  5. Hope the weekend was fun! For a while Kai was announcing "Ba ba old man".

  6. She is a mama's girl. She knows how to think...daddys always look older than mommies. What a great Mother's day you will have.


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