Thursday, August 24, 2006


Why is it that each time I call with a problem I'm told, "I see you're one of Dish Networks most valued customers." Yeah, I'm one of their most valued customers because they have my credit card number so that they can bill me automatically each month! So tell me, why when I called last Friday with an outage was the first available appointment for today, between 12 and 5PM? If I'm so valued wouldn't they try to get my satellite working in less than 6 days and not make me wait all afternoon for their service tech...That's providing they don't no-show like they usually do. Hey last December/January when they no-showed 4 times in a row I demanded so many credits for all my time wasted that I ended up with three months free.

On top of that, I'm already on the phone with a problem, aggravated that I'm missing my shows and sitting there having to listen to their music and promotions, do they really think I'm going to sign up for premium services and pay them more money?? Why the rep bothers to ask is beyond me.

Since we've been without television for almost a week, Eammon rented a couple of movies. This week we saw V for Vendetta, Syriana and Inside Man, all were really good. It's funny, neither Eammon nor I really miss having the T.V. but of course the new seasons of Survivor, Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate housewives haven't started yet so I figure that I'm not missing much.

Last week I bought petrol for $2.64 and I thought I got a bargain, man have I been brainwashed!! When I moved to Georgia in May'98, I was paying $0.69/gallon.

What ever happened to the cents symbol on the keyboard, when did that disappear?

Speaking of when I moved to Georgia, in May 1998 my 1991 Volvo had just shy of 160,000 miles on it. That was mostly thanks to a lovely 209 mile daily round trip from my home in Boston to a work site out at UMass Amherst, which I did for too many months to count. Well, that and driving up to the North Shore, New Hampshire or the Cape to hit the beaches most every weekend of every summer.

Well, today I hit 188,000 miles on my car, averaging just over 3,600 miles per year since living in Georgia. At this rate the car will still have less than 250,000 miles on it when Baby S starts to drive, a mere dent into the life of a Volvo!! Think she'll mind driving around in a 31 year old Volvo while all her friends have shiny new cars? I can't complain about my car, I wanted one that would out last the payments and was safe and that it has. One thing to notice though, on the dashboard there's an analog clock, how many people remember those?

Toilet paper. Fellow blogger Melissa wrote about husbands and toilet paper so it got me going. Tell me why, when there are paper towels and rags and other things to wipe up spills, does my darling husband find it necessary to remove the t.p. from the master bathroom to wipe something up in say the kitchen? Then IF, which is a big IF, the t.p. is returned to the bathroom, why is it left on the tub, no where near the little room with the toilet??? There's a case of t.p. in the linen closet, if t.p. is the only thing that he can use to wipe up a spill, wouldn't it be easier to take a roll from there instead of off the holder in the toilet room? Think I may need to invest in one of those locking t.p. roll holders that they have in some public bathrooms because drip drying is no fun.

I'm in the market for a new digital camera, something on the smaller side. Anyone out there with suggestions or comments about their camera, positive or negative, please let me know.

To my Secret Pals, I know I'm late this month, please forgive me as I just haven't gotten myself in gear but your gifts will be in the mail early next week!

I'm making tacos for dinner, avoiding referral rumors and waiting on the service tech...Fun, fun, fun.


  1. Random, but fun to read!!!!

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  3. OMGoodness.. I love the "drip drying is no fun" comment. I had to chuckle on that one!

    For cameras, let me just say that I LOVE my Sony Cybershot 7.1 Megapixel camera. It takes GREAT photos that can be blown up to 11x17 if I want without grainyness (sp?) and is small enough to tuke away in your purse or a man's shirt pocket. :-) I loved mine so much that my mom and my sister went out and purchased the exact same camera.

  4. ok.. I've decided I cannot spell today. First I deleted my comment because I mis-spelled Goodness. Now I realize that you probably spell grainyness - graininess. And last but not least.. you TUCK it away in your purse, not tuke.. LOL


  5. I love my Pentax Optio S5i. It's about the size of a credit card and takes beautiful pictures.

  6. Hey, I think you stole my title of adult ADD!
    *I thought I was dish's most valued customer. They have my credit card for auto pay too. Here's an idea - call them and tell them you keep getting alluring offers in the mail from Direct t.v. and see how fast they hook you up with some freebies. (we got an free DVR and 4th receiver!)
    *why yes, I remember when I first moved to Ga. I would often call my friends in N.Y. and brag, "guess what I just paid for gas!!!"
    *clock on your dashboard - classic! Good way to teach baby s how to tell time. children are so spoiled with digitals.

  7. We have the Canon IXUS55. Big screen, small camera size, easy to use, quick flash recharge (which was a mandatory option since I need to take pictures indoors of my daughter)... I highly recommend it.
    I do suggest investigating a few options and then try them in your own hands to see if they are comfortable. Cameras can actually be too small to hang on to!
    Good luck!

  8. Mmmmm, tacos for dinner... I think that's what we'll have. (Ours won't be homemade like yours, but that's ok, a nice margarita to celebrate impending referrals and I won't even notice what I'm eating!)

  9. Anonymous9:46 PM

    In our town, people hit poles and the cable in town goes out completely. This happens about once a month.

  10. Ahhh...but you ARE a valued customer ;0)

    I would invest in the TP lock-down. That would make me insane LOL (a rather short trip).

    Oddly, I had a wise crack to make about gas prices but I see the 'cents' sign has also left my keyboard. I remember typewriters having those. Never to be seen again, I suspect.

    Cameras? I love my Canon Powershot SD500 digital elph. 7.1 megapixel and a Consumer Reports 'best buy'. Truly, so easy a monkey can use it! Small too :0)

  11. I love my Olympus! The model I have is no longer available but I'd highly recommend any Olympus that has the features you're looking for.

    All the pics on my blog are taken with this camera (at 2nd highest resolution.) The videos are too although they lose something in the translation when moved to YouTube.

    Olympus all the way!

  12. I'm lol because I can totally relate to being stood up by the dish network tech- and when they get here they aren't all that help sometime either! Thanks for the laugh.


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