Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I spoke with Deb this morning and she asked why I hadn't updated my blog in a while, then I received an email from a friend up north asking if we were okay and why no updates to the blog. I didn't realize that people were waiting on a post and new Maisie piccies considering I did a post last Friday, but since Maisie's fans are asking for an update, here it goes.

IMG_1035 * This is the only decent picture I've taken of Miss M in a few days as she hasn't wanted her picture taken and when the girl wants to avoid the camera she's good and she's fast and I'm just out of luck.

* Our area has experienced some wild weather with major storms and tornadoes passing through the area. Thankfully for us we weren't directly impacted as the first day of tornadoes hit just south of us in the downtown Atlanta area and the tornadoes the following day passed just north of us.

* Today we are currently experiencing more storms with heavy thunderstorms and high winds but hopefully no more tornadoes.

* Sunday we gathered with other local adopters at Trixie & WaWa's house. A fun time was had by all as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

* I have yet another sinus infection but I can't be bothered to go to the doc as I have a physical scheduled for next week and I figure I'll just suffer through till then.

* I'm in love with a serial-killer, or rather a television series about a serial-killer. Eammon and I have been addicted to the show Dexter and I just read that there will be a season three and I can't wait for it to start! Oh and if you're watching the watered down version of this show on CBS, don't bother as it's not nearly as good as the original on Showtime. If you don't have Showtime, run, don't walk to your nearest video store and rent season 1, well worth the price of a rental.

* Yesterday my microwave decided to stop working and I've been at a loss as to how to cook. The amazing thing is, I cook entire meals all the time without the use of the microwave but when it's not available it seems I just "need" it. The service tech just called to say he's stuck in storm traffic misery but is on his way. I'm hoping that he can fix it today but I'll bet parts need to be ordered. Luckily we have a table top microwave up in our storage room and if needed I'll clear off some counter space and use that one for a while.

* I'm exhausted as Maisie has been waking up each night around midnight and waking enough that I have to go in to sit, sing and cuddle with her for a bit before she'll go back to sleep. My problem is, if I go to sleep for an hour or two before she wakes me, I then can't get back to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. On nights when I stay awake until she wakes, I'm able to fall asleep by about 1am but there too with her early wake-up time, I'm still not getting enough sleep. I think she's waking because her teeth are bothering her and around midnight is when the meds have worn off. Her final molars each have one point though the gums and are just sitting there. I'm just waiting for them to fully erupt and I think this nightly wake-up routine will stop...let's hope!

* Tuesday was an amazing yet bittersweet day. I've been taking Maisie to Mother's Morning Out twice a week for the past seven months and every time I drop her off she's cried and not wanted me to leave. She stops crying almost immediately after I leave so even though I hate for her to cry, it's sort of sweet that she wants me and doesn't want me to leave. Well Tuesday morning at drop-off Maisie walked right into her classroom, turned to me and said "kiss" then turned her back to me and was off to play. Her teacher Debbie and I gave each other a look of 'wow' and I was off. Maisie's getting so big and independent, in addition she had a most excellent day!!

* The microwave repair guy just left and sure enough a part needs to be ordered. It will take about a week for the magnetron to be ordered and then he'll be back to install. Guess Eammon will be schlepping down the counter top microwave for me as I'm not going a week without a microwave considering I have a spare upstairs.

* Finally, my new blog is still being worked on. Seeing that I don't know the first thing about HTML I still somehow managed to jury-rig this blog to the nth-degree so it's taking a while to sort it all out and get it into a format where I don't lose anything and also where it's more user friendly especially for future updates. Please stay tuned as the new blog will be FABU.

* If I missed anything, guess I'll have to put it in my next post. Off to get Miss M up from her nap.


  1. I feel your teething woes right now! Hope those teeth pop in real soon!

    I can't live without my microwave...can' LOL!

  2. Hooray an update! I'm so greedy, haha. Big hugs and LOVE Maisie's dress.

  3. I've been wondering about you guys in Atlanta area. Glad you are safe. What did we do without microwaves??? I would miss mine sorely.

  4. Great update! Thanks for all the info. So glad you were safe from the storms. Was thinking and praying for my southern friends when I heard the terrible news.

    How wonderful that Maisie is doing well at mother's morning break. Such a relief to you to leave her happy.

    Miss you friend!

  5. I love Maisie's dress!! Very cool! Greay update! :)

  6. Glad to hear you are okay. We were wondering with the storms and all. Love Maisie's dress...where did you get that? Hope you start feeling better. And soon

  7. Number 1 Dexter fan here in Florida! We've been watching since the beginning and DH has been buying me the books, too. Can't wait for season 3!!

    I read your blog all the time, too. Thanks for the update.

    Lori in Lakeland, FL

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I think we're having the same issues with April, too. Her gums are puffy and she's not going to sleep very well. Hopefully, Maisie's teething pain will pass soon.



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