Sunday, March 02, 2008

Twirly Whirly week

IMG_0566 Last Monday Maisie danced around the house in her twirl dress having a grand time.

IMG_0563 Unfortunately these were the only pictures that I took all week even though we were busy, busy, busy. Monday afternoon we had our playground play date with Deb & LiLi.

IMG_0560Monday night into Tuesday morning we had some wild storms pass through the area causing lots of damage, trees down, power outages and road closures. Thankfully we didn't have any damage and other than a few blips we never lost power. I was able to take Maisie to Mother's Morning Out and then I got a few things done around the house. The storms not only brought high winds and lots of rain but it also brought cold temperatures so Tuesday afternoon we stayed close to home playing together. Tuesday night my parents arrived for a visit and because of some weather in their area, their flight was over two hours late so they arrived after Maisie went to bed and weren't able to see her that night. 

IMG_0565 Wednesday morning Maisie was excited to see that Gamma & Gampa were visiting. Maisie, my Mom and I headed out to Music class and it was fun. Then after a quick trip to the grocery we headed home for nap time followed by an afternoon of play at The Playroom. Thursday morning was MMO followed by a quiet afternoon of playtime at home where Maisie got lots of fun time with Gamma & Gampa. 

IMG_0552 Friday morning at 5am I was taking my parents back to the airport as they were already heading home. Maisie was disappointed when she woke that her two newest playmates weren't here any longer. We had a busy day though as in the morning I took Maisie to a morning play date at one of the local Churches and she did really well there with all the new people. Saturday we celebrated Eammon's birthday and then today Eammon took Maisie to the Aquarium where they both had a good time but where Maisie ran Eammon exhausted. All-in-all another fun week and we're looking forward to the same for this week coming but hopefully with more piccies.


  1. Love Maisie's twirly dress! I am so bummed I missed meeting your mom at music class.

    Happy Belated Birthday Eammon!

    See you Tues!

  2. that's an awesome dress!
    showed Autumn and asked her if she thought that was a colourful dress...
    "lotta colours...pretty!"

    she definitely looked like she was having a blast!

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy week!

  4. Brynn loves twirlies!! Great pics.

  5. What a cute dress.

  6. Glad you faired well in the nasty storms...we got your leftovers but thankfully they had dwindled down to just yucky weather. Love the twirly-whirly pictures!!!!

  7. Every little princess loves to twirl!!!

    Happy Birthday Eammon! Hope you enjoyed your (exhausting!) weekend!

  8. That dress is to.die.for!!!! And all the twirling in the dress is about to put me over the edge for cuteness. Seriously.

  9. Love that dress - HUM??? I think it might fit Li Li :D

  10. Anonymous9:39 PM

    What a precious little dress- EK LOVES wearing dresses!!!

  11. Love that little outfit. Beautiful colors on that baby girl.



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