Friday, March 28, 2008

Bouncy girl Maisie

Maisie has boundless energy and like the Energizer bunny, just never stops! She had been bouncing on her bouncy ball for over two hours before this video was taken and as you can see in the video, she was still going strong!! We've been having a problem with Maisie continuously jumping on the sofa and bed, worrying that she'll bounce right off and onto the tile or hardwood floors thus hurting herself. So to give her a safe place to bounce in the house, I just today ordered Maisie this trampoline to hopefully redirect her jumping off of the sofa and bed and to a more appropriate place. I like that the trampoline is small enough that when we want, we can move it out to Maisieland allowing both indoor and outdoor use. We should have it by next weekend so keep an eye on the blog for more Maisie jumping and bouncing piccies!


  1. So cute! Briana has that same kind of endless energy. Too bad we can't bottle it up and sell it!

    Cool trampoline!

  2. Ooo you've got an engergiser bunny too?!! I'm hoping that our Mini will be less energised than Harry was!!!

    Trampoline's are great for exerting all that pent up energy! We've got almost the same tramp! Ours is outside though (it's too big for inside!) Todd was all paranoid about the kids bouncing off, but agreed to the nets!

  3. Just listen to that joyous giggle!!! So cute!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, the girls are FASCINATED with this video. They keep asking me to play it over and over. The funny thing is that when I told them it was Maisie jumping they both said "Maisie! No Tess though. No Yiza! (Eliza)." We have to get all the girls back together soon.

  5. Way too much energy! Loved hearing her giggle in the middle of it.

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    How great that you have such a fun thing on the way. Maisie will love it. We have a big trampoline in our backyard and Ella wants to jump all the time. Her big sisters love it to because they have always been gymnasts. Can I ask you a question about loading your video? What does your video camera save your video too? A tape or card or what? Do you load it straight to your computer via USB? Just wondering if we need a new video camera???

  7. Omg. Seriously, that clip was too cute.

  8. Wow. That girl has energy and strong leg muscles.

  9. Just like MY 2-year-old :)

  10. That looks like great fun. I think I need one of those bouncy balls to shake the 'ick' from my lungs ;0)

  11. My how she has grown!! Oh and with the lap top, I would say that she is ready for college!!
    Too cute,

  12. I haven't checked out Maisie in a while and she sure has grown up since I last looked. I love her hair. I'm at a lost on how to style straight, silky black hair and love to look at what other mom's do with their daughter's hair. She definitely has lots of energy. I need to look into getting a trampoline like hers.


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