Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's Sunday again...Already!

I can't believe that another week has flown by. My weeks dragged on during our wait for referral and now they're speeding along at warp speed. Each time I sit down to blog, days have passed and because of our fun filled schedule it's often difficult to remember what even happened. Thankfully most of our schedule is documented on my calendar so even on those weeks, like this one, where I've been bad about taking pictures which would spark my memory, I at least have my calendar for reference.

So, what's been happening since my last post? Thursday Maisie and I got together with Jessie and Ava for an afternoon at the pool. Then on Friday it was a morning at the pool with our Marietta Moms group. Friday afternoon was all about play, first at the indoor playground with Brandie & Zoe and Jessie & Ava. Once that play area closed we had an extend play time back at our house. Since Eammon was out for the night, Brandie & Zoe stayed for dinner and play continued right up until Maisie's bed time which was followed ten minutes later with my bedtime as it was a long and busy week.

All day Saturday I was nursing a headache and luckily the only thing on our calendar was our post-placement visit with the social worker. Other than her visit, we did nothing!! I spent most of the day lounging on the couch watching Maisie play. Once again, 10 minutes after Maisie went to bed, I did too, getting some much needed rest. Sunday morning was rainy and cool, perfect for some baking so I made a peach cake to take along later that day to Daphne & Greg's home. We spent a nice afternoon with Daphne, Greg & Emily where we enjoyed a nice dinner and the girls got in lots of play time together. Despite all our efforts to keep Maisie awake for the drive home, we barely made it ten minutes in the car before Maisie was out cold, exhausted from her afternoon of play. Thanks Daphne & Greg, we had a great time.P7080020.JPG_Thumbnail13.jpg_Thumbnail14.jpg_Thumbnail1P7080038.JPG_Thumbnail1    
I've had many people email asking for some of the recipes that I've posted previously on this blog and because they're sometimes difficult to find, I've started a new cooking blog, Cook Lisa Cook. The link to the new blog can always be found in the sidebar. Cook Lisa Cook contains all the recipes that I've posted on this blog in the past and maybe having the new blog will inspire me to do some interesting cooking and post some new recipes. I hope that you'll check it out and try some of the recipes. If you do make any, please leave a comment. Hope you enjoy all the recipes.


  1. Cant wait to read the recipes./ I hope when we get back from China, I can stay as busy as you have been!

  2. Funny, I was just thinking today how fast time is flying by. The pics of Maisie are very, very usual!


  3. No doubt about you, Lisa... you are truly amazing! Not only a busy Mum to the beautiful Miss Maisie, outstanding wife to the ruggedly handsome Eammon, but you're a chef extraordinaire!!!

    As each day slowly slinks away, I keep thinking to myself... one day, this will seem like a blink of the eye!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I see that the mint brownies are on there :D You know that is my favorite :D

    I noticied the referral picture in the side bar and then looked at the pictures in the latest slide show. I just love the little person that she is and everytime we get together, she blows me away with all her new accomplishments!

  5. The pics of Maisie are adorable as usual! I am sooo excited about your cooking blog. I think you should add your apple cake. Oh my - I still dream about it. Ha!

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    You Shanahans have a social schedule that rivals Paris Hilton's! (But it much better taste and good fun!) I am excited about your cooking blog if only I could find the time to make the wonderful dishes. You are too talented.

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Treacle, I cannot see the slideshow images at work :o( I want to see more pictures of Sweetpea !!!


  8. I hope you were able to get much needed rest. It is no fun to be a mommy with a headache. And what a great idea to start a blog with all of your famous meals! The peach cake sounds yummy. I hope it is not just a Georgia thing.

  9. LOVE the idea of Cook Lisa Cook! Can't wait to check it out.

  10. What a great idea to create Cook Lisa Cook. I know I'll be popping over to see what is cooking.


  11. oooo what a gorgeous little girl - your blog is great :)


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