Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A day at the park isn't always a picnic

Tuesday we planned a nice morning at the playground. Deb, LiLi & Ian arrived at our house and installed Maisie's car seat in their van but when I went to put her in the seat and all H.E.L.L. broke loose. Screaming, rigid body, stiff limbs and huge tears. This isn't the first time that we've put her car seat in another car and she's always been okay with it before but I guess she had other ideas. I tried to calm her but she was having none of it. I eventually got her into the seat and we did a little jaunt down the road for coffee before heading off to the park. She calmed down during the three mile drive, we made it through the drive thru and she seemed better so we decided to continue on to the park. Well the calm lasted maybe another two miles before the screaming began again and continued for a good half hour. Ian put on his headphones and watched a movie, LiLi just looked at Maisie as if she was mad and Deb & I, well we're both used to it...even though I swear my ears were bleeding by the time we reached the playground.

Once we reached the playground all was right with the world and Maisie was a little monkey going on all the play sets and even going down the biggest spiral slide time and time again. She was happy and even was a little kissing monster with her favorite guy Ian. 5.jpg_Thumbnail13.jpg_Thumbnail128.jpg_Thumbnail1 1.jpg_Thumbnail1 8.jpg_Thumbnail1

After almost two hours of play and fun and lots of great piccies by Deb, I had high hopes for the trip home. Well that lasted until I tried to get little Miss back into the car seat. She screamed and cried but we had to get home so in she went. Deb then stopped at McD's to get her kids some fries and corrupted Maisie with her very first French fry. Maisie seemed non-plussed with her single french fry, held it, looked at it for a while then eventually ate it but she didn't ask for more. Luckily she quickly fell asleep giving all our ears a break for the ride home. Unfortunately her 20 minute nap in the car was her nap for the day and come 4PM I started counting the minutes until bedtime. Fun at the park but overall not a day that I'd like to repeat anytime soon.


  1. Oh no! Sorry you had such a rough time with Maisie! That girl has some lungs, doesn't she? Ha!

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Ah, she likes the familiar little Miss M. Next time she'll be all ready! ; )

  3. Oh that stinks, I am so sorry. I hope your night went well until bedtime. It is not fun when they are in one of those moods.


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