Monday, July 23, 2007

The Great Georgia Bloggy Bash!!

GA Bloggy Bash  What a FABU day Maisie and I had Saturday down at Melissa's, meeting Alison & Mali, Angela, Catherine, Connie, Heather, Kris, Krista, Maryellen, Stacy, Susie, Tawni and Tracy and hanging with local adopters Deb & LiLi, Kathy & Lisa. A big huge thank you to Melissa for opening her home to all of us and being such a wonderful hostess, sponge and all.

What an awesome group of gals we met, all so funny, talented, creative and generous. I loved meeting each and everyone of the girls and can't wait to do it again when hopefully all their little ones are finally home, that will be a real treat!

Catherine and Tawni, I wish that you were both my neighbors as I could spend all day with each of you, you are both so sweet and I'm so happy that I got the meet and talk with you both. Of course if I lived next door to Heather or Connie I'd spend my life laughing as those are two witty and funny gals. Alison and Mali were both so sweet and between Mali and Maisie with the in & out and open & close, those two little girls could drive us crazy and silly. Angela your baking skills are amazing and you are as sweet and wonderful as your cheese cake and thank you for posting the recipe. Kris I so wish that I had been able to spend more time talking with you along with Krista, Maryellen, Stacy, Susie and Tracy, I feel as if I only had limited time with each of you and I would have loved to get to know each of you better.

To all the girls who are still waiting, I can't wait to follow along on your journeys and hopefully sooner than later each of you will have your daughter home with you. Thank you all too for the wonderful gifts, you all spoiled Maisie and I. Keep an eye out in the future because you know there will be pictures on the blog of Maisie wearing all the tee shirts and shoes.

Can you believe that I attended a bloggy bash with camera in tow and didn't take even one picture!! Bad blogger, bad blogger!! Luckily there were more cameras than people and some really talented photographers in the group so I'm planning on nicking all their photos once they have them all posted. Thanks to Deb for the photo on this post and thanks to all the other girls with cameras who were good about taking pictures and documenting the Great Georgia Bloggy Bash!

Finally, kudos to Darren who truly survived the weekend with a house full of wild women. Thank you for being the grill master and just an all around good guy. I'm thinking that after this past weekend, Darren deserves a hunting trip in Colorado at the least, what do the rest of you girls say?!?!?!


  1. Lisa,
    I am so glad that you made it home safely and that you had the time of your life!!! Hopefully I can meet you at the next one. Could I list your blog on my blog??

  2. Woo hoo.. blog #2 with updated bloggy bash information!

  3. Oh Lisa! It was SO GOOD to meet you!!! Honestly, when I woke up Saturday morning one of my very first thoughts was, 'I get to meet Lisa and Maisie today!!' It was such a treat and I am so glad we got to know one another a little bit! I wished we lived closer together too so we could just hang out together. I know we could chat (and take turns picking up Maisie and putting her down and then opening the door she closed only 5 seconds earlier! :o) Oh man is she adorable!!!

    I've wanted to sign with Hannah but spending this time with the two of you and seeing how well it helps you communicate helped to solidify that decision.

    Have I mentioned in the last minute how sweet your little one is and how good it was to meet you?!!

    I so wish we lived closer together...or that airfares didn't cost so much. Man...I could do this all the time!

    Looking forward to the next time we see one another because I'm sure there will be a next time. Hopefully with Hannah in my arms but if not then I'll at least be closer.

    Miss you already. SO happy we got to know one another!

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast. I have enjoyed reading the updates

  5. Sounds like it was a blast and I'm certain all of your treats were devoured quickly :).

  6. oh how I wish I could have made it out!!! Sounds like a great time! Can't wait to see more piccies!!!


  7. It was so great meeting you as well Lisa... can't wait to send the Maisie photos to you (I have 600 to download from the weekend- I'm a photographer FREAK)!! And boy did I get my freak on with that dang camera!!

  8. what a good time!!!
    so glad you came!!!

  9. It was great to finally meet sweet Maisie and her mama. I love that big smile on your little girl!

    I am still in heaven over those mint yummies you brought (Yep, partial to chocolate I am).

    Thanks for clinching it in my mind that carry on only will be a breeze for me.

  10. So fun meeting you and Maisie. I also wish we could have had more time to chat. I'm sure there will be a next time. :)

    PS. Loved the desserts but I agree with Connie. Chocolate is my weakness. Those brownies! Wow!
    Thanks for adding 5 lbs to me. LOL!

  11. Wow, it looks like you all had so much fun. I am so jealous. I tell ya, sometimes I wished I lived in GA.

  12. It was so wonderful to meet you and Miss Maisie. I do wish we would have had more time, but that just means we will have to get together again some time.

    Your desserts were heavenly. I LOVED the mint brownies. YUM!

  13. Right back atcha! I've been dreaming over those chocolate mint yummy things that have left a lasting impression! They were delicious!

  14. It was certainly a pleasure meeting you & Maisie, too!

    I ate (at least) 10 of those mint brownies - and then ate about 5 more the next day. DELICIOUS!!


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