Monday, December 18, 2006

You don't know me but...

I've been stalking your blog for ages. Eammon and I have heard this line numerous times everyday and it's so fun to meet so many wonderful people. I only wish that more of my bloggy friends were here experiencing this wonderful adventure with us right now.

I can't believe how time is flying. We've been with Maisie for an entire week and the terrified, withdrawn little girl that we met that first day is not the little girl that we have now. Each day she opens up more and is able to experience new emotions and situations and builds trust. Things that we can't do one day because she hasn't learned to trust us, the next she's doing and loving. As long as it doesn't involve the crib, a high chair or a stroller. Just two days ago she wouldn't allow us to lift her in the air above us, now she giggles and laughs when we do. For days she had to be in constant contact with one of us, we couldn't leave her playing on the floor with her toys and even stand up without her melting down, now she'll play for a while and as long as we're not too far away and she can see us, she knows that we'll be here for her.

I have so many pictures to post and so much to blog about as China and this trip are just amazing, but as I said in my previous post, we've been so busy and of course little Miss Maisie demands and deserves all of our attention. In addition blogger has been less than cooperative in posting my pictures.

Our time in Guangzhou is almost at an end, I can't believe how this trip has flown by
and though I've had enough of the paperwork and required appointments, I wish that we had a lot more time here, a return visit is a must. Since arriving in Guangzhou we've done all the paperwork required for Maisie's visa. Our travel group took the obligatory red couch photo which when blooger allows me to post the picture, you'll notice that Maisie wasn't going to participate, no way, no how! We also completed her medical exam which she was none too pleased with either. Maisie and I went on a tour to see the Old Chen House which was just amazing, we also went to the Buddhist Temple where all the children were blessed and then we went to a Provincial Arts and Crafts shop where I purchased an inside painted bottle for Maisie and had her name painted on the inside by the artist.

I can't believe that we leave for our Beijing tour in just three days, I can't believe how the time has passed.

Here are the pictures that blogger allowed me to post and they're , in no particular order, hopefully more pics tomorrow.
Keep these doctors away from me. This is the required U.S. Consulate medical exam where they check the babies height, weight, hearing, eyes, throat and overall condition. Maisie passed even with her constant screaming.

Maisie loves the talking and walking Tigger in the White Swan play room.
Our little princess.
I'm going to get you!!
Having fun with Baba.
Maisie flying.
Standing around looking adorable.
Maisie loves coming towards the camera and trying to grab it.
I know you think I'm fabulous but no more pictures!


  1. She is such a dainty little girl - and adorable to boot. Enjoy the rest of your trip and hurry home.
    Safe travels!

  2. we are following along your journey and loving every minute of it! sounds like you are all adjusting well to becoming a family. keep the pictures coming of that cute little girl!

  3. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Lisa, so glad to hear from you guys. sounds like you all are doing great. We can't wait to meet Miss Maisie!

  4. Lisa, She is amazing and more beautiful each time we see new pictures! Hurry Home!

  5. She looks just perfect to me and Kacey HATED the red couch photo too as you may remember.

    Enjoy Beijing and stay warm, see you after Christmas.

  6. She is a cutie pie! Sounds busy but utterly amazing. Enjoy and take it all in.

    Keep smilin!

  7. Love it! That last pic is hilarious. Looks like 'talk to the hand' ;0)

  8. Anonymous9:34 AM

    It's amazing - Maisie seems to have cured your pneumonia! Glad you three are having the time of your lives. can't wait to see you when you get back to the States!

    Judy B.

  9. Lisa,
    Maisie is just adorable. And, she is tiny- how sweet. You guys look like you're doing great! Very excited for you guys. Congratulations!
    (hoping to see baby Ava's sweet face in the next week- whoo hoo!)

  10. Lisa,
    Maisie is just adorable. She is so tiny- so sweet. You guys seem to be doing great. Very happy for you!!
    (should see Ava's sweet face next week- whoo hoo!)

  11. Hi, I've been stalking your blog for ages...
    I'm glad to see that Maisie is even more cute and adorable than her referral pictures made her out to be. She looks like an absolutely fun kid to be around. Thanks for letting us peek in on your trip!

  12. She is an adorable little girl!

  13. So glad the trip is going well and she is starting to open up and trust. Can't wait to see her at home talking to the ducks at the door!

  14. Anonymous5:23 PM

    She's just gorgeous! I'm so happy for you guys! Looking at her makes me smile so big!

    Shannon- Crazy About Emily

  15. Please give that beautiful girl kisses from me.

  16. I think it's great that she didn't want you to leave her (although, I'm sure that wears a little thin after a while!!!) Great bonding! She is such a sweetie!

  17. Actually, you DO know me and I have been stalking your blog too! It sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time and you're making the most of your China adventure. I love the photo of Maisie standing by the bed...the look on her face is so cute.

    I'm so glad that she is opening up and feeling so comfortable around you. It always amazes me to hear how quickly the babies start to adjust to their new families. I can't wait to see that transition myself someday with Lauren.

    Take care and give Maisie a big hug from the Utah Summit Momma's Gang!! I'm so jealous that you'll be hooking up with Julie and Tess!

    Donna :)

  18. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Maisie is well known now in Aruba.
    Strangers now ask about her and if she will be here next Dec.
    Everyone enjoys the emails and ask
    every morning if I have updates.
    The time has flown by and we leave for home tomorrow.
    We look forward to meeting Maisie and seeing her sweet smile in person.
    Mom and Dad

  19. Congratulations Shanahan Family! We are so happy that you have finally been united with your beautiful daughter! What great photos too!!


  20. I LOVE the dress in the last picture!!
    Wishing you a safe and easy flight HOME!

    Julie :o)

  21. Gosh, she is just so so precious! I can't wait to meet her IRL!

  22. You might remember me but...

    Congratulations, Maisie is just beautiful - how blessed you are.

  23. Hope you have fun in Bejing! Maisie is adorable and looks like a bundle of energy!

  24. Anonymous2:10 PM


    We're so pleased for you both. Maisie looks really cute and it sounds like she's settling in well. Hope your flight home isn't too fraught. Have a great Xmas and New Year with your new daughter.

    Tony, Rachel, Matt and Emma

    PS No more half naked pictures of Shag please


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