Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top 5 things NOT to do

Here's a list of my top five things I'm recommending you don't do in the five days before you leave on a huge trip to pick up your child in China.

1. If you live in Georgia or I'm guessing any warmer part of the country, do not wait until two days before travel to buy a snowsuit for your baby.

2. Do not kill your computer so that you don't have access to you agency, travel agent, all your documents, bank, bills, pictures, email addresses and all the other important information in your life.

3. Do not attach a laptop to above stated computer in an attempt to retrieve any possible information and in the process, kill the laptop too!

4. Do not come down with bronchitis and a stomach bug (Lisa) or a head cold (Eammon).

5. Do not eat mint.

Where we currently stand on the above items:

1. I found a cute little snowsuit so that when we're in the freezing cold of Beijing, little Miss Maisie will be toasty warm.

2. This is the second computer that has died in our home in just seventeen months and I'm blaming it all on Eammon putting too much cr*p on the poor machine. When we return from China Eammon will research and buy a new computer with enough power and memory to hold all of his programs.

3. I went out and bought myself a spanking new laptop, which I'm not allowing Eammon to load up with all his software. I'll be taking my new laptop to China and I'll hopefully be able to do my updates on this site. If I can't make the updates there is a plan in place so that updates will appear on this site.

4. I just returned from the doctor where he knew how sick I am and not because of my sexy Barry White voice but because I actually allowed him to draw blood. He also sent me for x-rays and hopefully I have all the results back before Thursday morning when we leave at sparrows fart.

5. Eating mint has little to do with going to China and lots to do with my stomach bug. Lets just say that mint going in is refreshing and cool. Mint coming back up and out, not so much! (TMI)


  1. OK everything is bound to happen and go wrong but you cannot be sick!!!! Get well...rest rest rest! Is that even possible five minutes before leaving for China?
    Sending get well fast wishes to you!

  2. Give Barry his voice back quick! Can't wait for Maisie pix!

  3. Oh, that stinks! Take care and rest up before Thursday!

  4. Would a hot toddy help? I'm sure you've tried everything at this point..oh, please do feel better. Hey-we changed our blog..check it out if you feel like it. Warm wishes to you in really cold GA..from your friend in FL!

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Awww! Feel better!

  6. Yikes! Always before something big, does everything go wrong. Feel better soon!

    Keep smilin!

  7. Isn't that always the way!! Whenever something really big is about to happen the s--- hits the fan. Well, at least it is mostly behind you now and it did not happen in China. Here is to feeling much better when you board that plane to go get your sweet Maisie!

  8. Oh Lisa the whole sickness thing is horrible. But, I am so relieved the laptop situation is fixed, my God, what would we have done if we couldn't get Maisie updates while you were in China!

  9. Oh my gosh - I sure do hope that you both are feeling better very soon. What a time to be sick! Have a very safe trip and best of luck to you both on your journey to bring Maisie home. I can't wait to follow along.

  10. Wow...you guys are computer cursed! Hope the laptop hangs in.

    I was wondering what the mint 'don't was going to be about. Feel better FAST.

    'Sparrow's fart'??? Heehee...I've never heard that expression before. I've learned a number of new ones from you two...eg: wetting the baby's head ;0)

  11. Oh yuck, what horrible timing. I hope you have the sickies out of your system in time to travel.

    Barry called, he wants his voice back.

  12. Sparrow's fart???

    Hope you're feeling better!

  13. Holy cow! You leave tomorrow! I am so excited I can't stand it!

  14. Feel better and get going! Let me know if you need anything today I'm at the office.

  15. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Hi Lisa,

    I just wanted to say I check your blog often, (I found it on Mary Mia's) & I'm so excited that you & Eammon are getting ready to go get your sweet Maisie!! We were with CCAI's group 945 & we went to Chongqing in April! You will like it! The locals DO STARE but there isn't that many Caucasian people there!

    The Golden Resource Hotel is nice, the staff hardly speak English, but they are very friendly. A little tip, the rooms get a little warm, but you can go to the front desk & ask for a fan!!! My husband & I love white noise & it helped us sleep as well, we didn't point it toward the crib, but hotel noise can be loud at times! He did have to do the motions for fan, but it was a life saver!!!!

    Have SOOO much fun & I can't wait till you get Maisie!!!!!!!!


  16. I like the "Sparrows Fart" thing...that was funny!!

    I hope you get better FAST!! Um....real fast. YAY!! Your going to CHINA!!

  17. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!!

  18. Get well and safe travels!

    Peace and Gotcha Day

  19. oh no!!!
    hope you are both better.

  20. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Lisa & Eammon,

    Safe travels and I hope you are both feeling MUCH better before sparrow's fart on Thursday.

    Can't wait to see pictures of you both holding Maisie in your arms!

    Judy B.

  21. fell better- I'm sending you all of my healthy vibes......and as far as the computer thing....same situation going on here- why do men need to mess around with electronics?........can't wait to see Ms. Maisie!!!!!

  22. Oh sweetie, I hope everyone in your house starts to feel better soon. At least this happened before you left and not the day before you leave to come home from China. Get better soon, Maisie needs a healthy and happy mommy and daddy!

  23. When it rains, it pours!!! Get feeling better both of you... Can't wait unitl Maisie Day!!!


  24. Sparrows fart??? What on earth does that mean? Please mean something I can use in everyday conversation cause I love it!

    I do not, however, love all the crap luck that's been going on. You guys rest up and feel better and that goes for the computers too!

  25. Ya know you've got a few friends in cold weather states who could have helped with the snowsuit. I'm just sayin'...

    Get some rest and get better quick.

  26. Ooohhhh bugga! It's definitely not a good time to be sick AND have computers break down! DAMN YOU MURPHY, and you're stupid law!!!


    PS love the pics of E hard at work putting Maisie's essentials together!

  27. Oh I hope you're feeling better! I think the stress of all the things to do and get done is just bound to make even the best of us ill. I still 2 weeks to go, but I'm feeling it too! Not to mention the "3rd eye" that's growing on my left cheek! Where's the zit zapper when you need it?!

    Take care of yourselves and try to rest!

  28. Crossing my fingers for you to both feel better before your trip!

  29. Take care of yourselves you guys.

    You have a big job to do this week and next. Must have you well.


  30. Oh Lisa - I'm so sorry you're having to go through all that (especially now!!!)

    You did make me laugh though with the farting sparrow (or whatever that was) and the not so fresh mint. LOL

  31. Wow! I can't believe you are leaving in just a few days! Yay!!!! I am SO excited for you!

    Lots of love (all the way from Guatemala!),
    Shana :)

  32. Anonymous9:14 PM


    All the best as you travel! I will be checking out your site daily. I hope you are feeling better SOON! Still hoping to have our paper work resolved so we can leave on the 20th. Who knows, maybe, I will see you in Beijing!

    Their coming sweet Maisie! Kim Evans

  33. Yikes, sorry you guys are having such a tough time with things! I hope you are feeling better really soon and all the other stuff will fall into place.

  34. Sorry to hear so much is happening. Ugh!! Hoping today was better for you.

    Praying for you to feel better and also as you travel to meet sweet Maisie! Oooo...won't be long now!!!

  35. Anonymous11:31 PM

    6. Dont stress. All of this nuttiness will seem like nothing when you have your daughter. Have fun!!


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