Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Packed and ready to go!!

It's been a busy day here at the Shanahan home doing final errands as well as getting everything organized and cleaned up. This morning I went to the bank and received lots of nice, crisp, clean, freshly minted money so that I won't have to worry about having any of it rejected by the officials in China. Next I was off to make photocopies of our passports and visas so that all the needed paperwork could be gathered. Next stop was the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my bronchitis, well really to replace what I pulled out of the China bag yesterday and had already started taking. Final stop was to crash one of our local adopter's office holiday party, or really just to stop in and pick up some scabies cream, but their lunch party did look good.

I then worked on getting our bags packed and had our dining room set up as a staging area, talk about a disaster zone!! On top of that I've been cleaning out Maisie's room and the hall closet so that I'll be better organized with all of her stuff. Tell me why is it that when you clean out closets or a specific room, your entire house gets trashed? Then as I was trying to get better seats on the plane, Deb and family stopped in to drop of some treats made by Ian and LiLi for our journey. Chocolate mint cookies and some peppermint patties which I know Eammon will really enjoy and I may have to avoid, but we'll see how my stomach is doing.

Eammon arrived home earlier than expected as he's still under the weather and because I'm so sick, figured he could help me out too. Next the doctor called with the results of yesterdays blood work and x-ray. My blood work was OK and I don't have bronchitis, I have pneumonia!!! Can this get any better??? Eammon suggested that I delay travel so to rest for a few days and then fly to meet him in Chongqing. Well the look I shot him made him realize that there was no way in h*ll that I was going to miss that plane tomorrow. Honestly there's nothing that they can do for me here, I'm on the antibiotic and whether I take it here or in China, there's nothing much more I can do. I'll just have to take it a little slow and Eammon will have to take on more of the responsibilities in China. If this doesn't clear up and I end up getting sicker, it's good that we have travel insurance. I got a few phone calls, people wishing us a wonderful trip but no one could really hear me over the phone so conversations were brief.

So here we are, the bed linens have been changed, the house is straightened up, all the floors have been washed, everything is dusted, the bathrooms are clean and by the end of the trip I'll be happy to come home to my nice clean house and I'm sure my bed too!!

We're ready to go and yes, we're still going carry-on-only. We each have a rolling bag that meets the carry on size requirement and a standard sized back pack. It's crazy because all of Maisie's stuff is in the bag on the left and weighs in at 26 pounds. The bag on the right contains all of Eammon's and my clothing and stuff and comes in at 24 pounds. Amazing how one little girl needs more stuff than two adults combined!! Eammon's back pack is also not in the picture but it's the same as mine and neither of the backpacks are particularly full, mostly electronics and some other minor stuff. Here's the packing list if anyone is interested.

Nothing more to do other than try and get some rest so that when the alarm goes off at sparrows fart, 4:30 am, we'll be somewhat rested. I added the link this time to sparrows fart because so many of you commented on the phrase. Big thanks to everyone who's been sending good wishes for our trip, it's great having so many people following along and getting caught up in our excitement! It's almost Maisie day!!


  1. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your new daughter:)

  2. Bon VOyage.
    Feel Better.

    WOOHOO baby this is it~

  3. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  4. Happy and safe travels and godspeed to your little girl!


  5. Hope you're feeling better soon! Miss Maisie will soon be in your arms and I'm sure that's the very best medicine!

    Praying for you!

    You are an amazing woman....carryon only? Wow!! Hat's off to you my friend!

    Catherine - who's off to pack way too much stuff for a 7 day trip to Disney. I should have you teach me how to pack!

    Blessings Mommy!

  6. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Lisa, I didn't know you were so sick. I have been out of the loop. Take care of yourself. You need to rest in HK. Have a safe trip and feel better!

    Hugs, Jill

  7. You packed all of THAT in those 2 little suitcases? I'm hiring you as my personal consultant when it's our turn.... FOR SURE!!!

    Now, go bring that girl home!

    Peace and safe travels

  8. Carry-on only, I am amazed!! I can't even do that for a weekend getaway. I so hope you feel better soon and have the most amazing trip ever! Godspeed.

  9. Lisa - wow, I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

    Have a safe and speedy trip.

    I'm liking that carry-on only idea...I'm interested to see how it goes.

  10. Safe travels....and feel better. I can not wait to see that precious little girl in your arms.......and thanks for posting the packing list......very very helpful!

  11. Feel better and have a great trip!!!

  12. Have a wonderful trip! I hope you feel better really soon! (both of you!)

  13. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Feel better and have a safe trip.

    I did like the link to sparrow's fart. I also was shocked at what sparrow means! Egad, the things I learn on your blog. Maisie will have one heck of a vocabulary - large and colorful - when she grows up if she gets your gift with words.

    See you on the flip side and can't wait to see the pictures on Maisie Day!

    Judy B.

  14. Goodness! Do take care of yourself. I wish you safe travels and a memorable trip.

    Keep smilin!

  15. I looked at your packing list and I'm amazed you fit all that in there! Hope you feel better. Have a safe trip!

  16. I am COMPLETELY IMPRESSED with your packing! I am going to study your list and learn a thing or two (or 100).

    I don't blame your for not wanting to miss that plan but take all those meds and do as much as humanly possible that the doc told you to do and go get your daughter!

    Try and sleep on that plane and feel better really soon! It'll be the best trip ever!!! :)

    ((Big Hugs))

  17. You rock for going COO!!!!!! Have an awesome trip!

  18. Have a great trip...can't wait to see Miss Maisie!

  19. AMAZING... carry on only???? You are an inspiration!! Have a great trip... I had hoped to talk to you before leaving... but hugs, and safety, and tons of loves to Maisie!!!


  20. On no!!! There's the sparrows fart again!!! ROFL - I feel like such a child, but that statement makes me laugh.

    I am so looking forward to following your journey. Wish we were going to be there the same time, but we're still waiting on our stinkin TA!!!

    Have a great time - and I seriously can't believe you're getting all that stuff in carry on. Amazing!!!

    Sorry to hear you're still under the weather, and I'll be praying you both feel better by the morning.

    Have a safe trip!!

  21. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Lisa and Eammon,
    You left your house today as a couple and will come as a family. Best wishes, safe travel and Godspeed..xoxoxo

  22. Will you teach us all how to pack one day?:-) I am very impressed. Pneumonia-you have to be kidding! I hope you sleep lots on the plane-are we there yet?!

  23. I am totally impressed at how economically you've packed. I don't think I can do that!

    God speed! Go get your girl!

  24. Safe travels Lisa and Eammon. Will look for posts from the other side of the Pacific.

    Take care of yourselves.


  25. That's some super sweet packing girl! I'll be copying that list and using it.

    Have a safe trip and I can't wait to see that sweet baby girl in your arms.

  26. First up, congratulations on going, carry on only!!! You are a packing genius! Secondly, OMG... PNEUMONIA?! Sweetie, please take it easy. Make sure you take all the drugs, and of course, sleep. No wonder you sound like Barry white! Sexy voice aside, I hope it clears up super quick, and you feel 100% in no time.

    And of course... may you have an awesome trip, with no hiccups along the way... just enjoy it!

  27. I just read your packing list... I can't believe, you got all that in those tiny suit cases! Did you use those vacuum sucky bags? (mental blank on what they're called!)

  28. I wish you a speedy and safe trip! Lisa feel better soon. And am absolutely amazed at the carry ons. Looking forward to seeing you get your Maisie!

  29. Have a great trip! You are amazing packers. Get some rest, you will need the energy come Monday!! Can't wait to see Maisie in your arms. Have a great trip!

  30. I am so impressed with your packing! Hope you had a good flight. Can't wait for Maisie!!!!

  31. Lisa! I can't believe your day is here, but even more I can't believe you were able to go carry on only!!! Have a safe trip! Cna't wait to see Maisie!!!!


  32. WOOHOO! Can't wait to read all about your trip to Chongqing!
    Karen in San Diego

  33. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Wont your underwear get all wrinkly in those cute suitcases?

  34. Whooohooooooo! Go baby go!



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