Saturday, December 16, 2006

What the fans have been asking for, pictures!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit but we have been so busy with Maisie Miao Miao, the official paperwork and just taking in all that we can as far as the sites, the days have been flying by. China is fabulous and though living out of a hotel room isn't always the easiest thing to do, I do wish that we could slow the days down and have more time here. We loved Chongqing and hope to return one day soon so that we can see much more than we were able to on this trip. I feel like we got one lick of a tootsie pop and have yet to get to the chewy center.

We're now in Guangzhou at the White Swan Hotel where there are hundreds of families with their new children. It's just crazy to see so many new families and to finally meet so many of the people whom I've been talking to online or whose blogs I've been reading for so many months. Eammon and I have had dozens of people come up to us and introduce themselves to tell us that they've been reading our blog for so many months and were excited that they'd be able to meet us here at the White Swan. Not only do we get sort of celebrity status from the Chinese people who crowd around us to see the baby but we're sort of getting it from all the wonderful people who have been following our journey and reading our blog. I've loved meeting every single person and of course meeting their beautiful babies too.

We also have a great travel group and we've been having so much fun with them, plus they all tolerate Maisie's screaming and laugh along with Eammon and I when she goes into one. I'll have to post more pictures and tell more about the sites we've seen but that will have to be in another post. So as I said, we're at the White Swan and we had to take the flight from Hades to get here. Not that there was anything wrong with the flight, it's just that Miss Maisie prefers that whomever is holding her, is standing % of the time. She also decided to do a Linda Blair from The Exorcist on the plane throwing her head around in circles as she arched her back and screamed continuously. "Your Mother darns socks in Hell!!!" Sorry, that was the BBC version there. Once off the plane you'd never know that she been a screaming banshee the entire time, she was just all smiles and not a care in the world. Well, that and I was carrying her walking around.

More about Maisie:
She loves both the hip hammock and the baby bjorn but you have to be standing and preferably moving.
She hates the stroller so Eammon and I have very sore backs right now.
She loves playing with other babies, especially ones a little older where she'll imitate them and try to do whatever they do.
She hates the crib.
She's a flirt with the boy babies and has a little crush on baby Kai.
She will not eat any food or any liquid other than her formula.
She loves being kissed and nibbled on and will belly laugh when we nibble her ribs.
She doesn't like crowds or when the old ladies come up and surround her or try to touch her.
She's shy and will snuggle into our necks to hide her face.
She doesn't like having her diaper changed, but hates having a dirty diaper.
When held, she likes touching skin.
She hates if Eammon or I leave the room or are out of her view.
She loves being with both of us but when upset generally will snuggle into my neck.
She thinks that prime play time is from 2-5:30 am.
She's the cutest, "bestest" little girl in the world.

Since we went carry-on-only, I've been asked what from our list we could have done without and was there anything that we feel we missed in our packing. Here is our packing list and I can only base what I'm saying on the three cities and hotels where we've stayed thus far so I'll update this information after we have our stay at the final hotel in Beijing. Our three cities and hotels have been: The Regal Kowloon, Hong Kong, The Golden Resources Hotel, Chongqing and the White Swan, Guangzhou.

There is nothing that I've needed thus far that we didn't pack so I would have to say that for us, my packing list has worked out really well. The one thing that I know I packed and just couldn't find until after I went out and bought some more, were diaper pins which I've been using to tighten up Maisie's pants as she's so thin her pants keep falling down. Other than that we've bought formula, the rice cereal and water, everything else we've bought, chocolate, pastry and souvenirs are just things to buy.

All three cities have had an abundance of western snack foods and western fast foods if you want that, so don't worry about bringing snacks and food. We did bring 12 granola bars just in case we were stuck at an airport or hungry along the way and Eammon may have had one or two, we didn't need to bring that many with us.

We don't use one, but all the hotels have had hair dryers in the bathrooms, so you won't need one of those.

All the hotels provide new toothbrushes and toothpaste daily so don't bother bringing a toothbrush but if you want toothpaste with a minty fresh taste, bring that along or you can buy it in any of the cities at the supermarket.

All the hotels daily, provide disposable double blade razors and shaving cream and will give you as many as you need.

All the hotels provide these wonderful little wooden combs and there too, leave a new one or two everyday.

I had been concerned about the bath gel, shampoo and conditioner as I have very dry skin and hair and can easily look like Rosanne Rosanandana, but the quality of what all the hotels have provided has been great so I wouldn't bring any of that next time.

We haven't used 99% of the meds that we brought, but better safe than sorry on that one.

I feel that we brought enough clothes and have done laundry a couple of times so I wouldn't change anything there either.

OK, enough talk, here's the eye candy that you've all been wanting.
Travel group 1077 at the Golden Resources Hotel, Chongqing.
Moms with their babies.
Dads with their babies.
Happy Maisie at the White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou.
And she sleeps.
So cute.
Our little princess.
Toothy grin.
Coming for the camera.


  1. Cute, cute, cute. You guys all look so happy. Glad you made it safe/sound to GZ. Hurry home so we can snuggle that little cutie(:

  2. She's darn cute! Thanks for the pics! Eliza wouldn't eat a thing in China (besides formula bottles). Now that we're home she actually grunts for more food in excitement (as long as it's not that baby food garbage...she's way too big for that). Have fun in Guangzhou, I know how you LOVE to shop! LOL!


  3. Soooo cute.... I just read your blog to Tom and we checked out the pics together... soooo wonderful sooo perfect soooo happy for all of you! She's adorable!!

  4. Ahhh, it must be those Chongqing girls that don't like their cribs!

    Maisie is adorable! Not too much longer & you will be home. Enjoy the rest of your trip & I wish you easy flying with Miss Maisie on the way home.

  5. I just got over cracking up about 'your mother darns socks in hell' and then I got the image of you as Roseanne Roseannadanna. Glad to know China has not worn down any sense of humor!

    Love Maisie's 'with hair' look ;0)

    I'm gonna print out that packing list. This chick, too, is going COO when the times comes somewhere in the next century!

  6. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Great photos! So cute. You guys look so happy. Tell Eammon the massages and the 70 minute foot massage are awesome at the medical center massage place. Very cheap too. Lisa, you both have to experience the foot massage. I will be checking your next post tomorrow a.m.!! :)

  7. I'm just doing my nightly "blog-hopping" and found you!!!
    How exciting, we were in China April 2005 -- enjoy the rest of your trip. Baby is adorable.

  8. Wow! Big update and sounds like there is so much. Enjoy the White Swan and your time together. Thanks for all the hints and tips

    Keep smilin!

  9. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Hi -- Ilene here. Just wondering if Maisie has used the bottles you brought, or will only drink from the China ones....

    Love reading your Blog. Can't believe you're at the White Swan already. IT does go so very fast. Enjoy everything you see and do for the rest of the trip.

    Can't wait to see your next entry.

  10. I love Maisie's face; it is so beautifully expressive.

    Enjoy the White Swan. Next stop - Beijing. Wow; what an adventure you guys are on!

  11. She is so cute! You are so blessed to be a family!

  12. What adorable pictures of Maisie MM. Great update too, thanks! Love the headboard, it is so famous at the WS. Have some PB&J at Lucy's for me.

  13. she's got a wise look to her - so adorable. i still can't believe you all went carry-on, i'm forever impressed. hurry home soon!

  14. You know I had a crier too so I totally sympathize with you, thank goodness we had almost an entire group of criers so I wasn't alone--hehehe!

    Maisie is absolutely gorgeous and Kacey and I can't wait to meet her, I think the girls will get along swell since she loves olders kids and K loves BABEEEES as she calls them.

    See you soon!!!

  15. What a cutie pie! I can hardly wait to meet her -- she is just to darn cute, and look at that hair! I am so glad to hear that she like older kids because she a a gang of panda pals waiting for her at home!

    Hurry home, Friday at Panara just wasn't the same without you!
    Big hugs for you, Eammon, and Miss Maisie!
    Dan, Dab, Ian, and LiLi

  16. I know how you feel about trying to take in as much as you can while in China, and leaving like you've only got a small taste of a flavor that is so huge. It's an amazing place and there's so much to discover there.

    Gosh, Maisie is sooo expressive. I love her beautiful face. And those eyelashes!!!! My oh my.

    Much love to you and your wonderful new little family Lisa.

  17. Thanks for sharing your journey. Your little one is absolutely precious! How are you feeling these days...are the antibiotics working?

  18. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Thanks for the updates and the new pictures. I hope Maisie learns to like to fly before 12/25 and the big trip home!
    Judy B.

  19. Little Miss Maisie is absolutely precious! Thanks for the updates. I'm goint to link your packing list and tips for future use.

  20. Wow! What a cutiepie Lisa! Thanks so much for this post, it helps me to know what I don't need to bring! Maisie is adorable!! I'm so happy for you and Eammon! Wish I was there with you, but I WILL be there on the weekend!! Yay!! :)

  21. OMG! The Rosanne Rosannaannadana comment is hilarious!! I am not sure this chick here can do carry on only but I will take it under "advisement".

    That little one is soooooo darn cute!!!

  22. What a little cutie pie you have! Thanks for the packing list and all the info on what we need & don't need. Hope you guys have a wonderful time at the White Swan!

  23. Look at that little face... those eyes! Ooooo... just melt your heart!

    You are truly, the queen of packing! So glad its all gone great for you. Hopefully Maisie will settle into a good "all night" sleeping pattern once, you settle in at home. And eat something! Maybe she's just hanging out for all that good American stuff!

  24. Sounds like all is going smoothly! I'm so glad you made it to GZ and that Eammon is being so adventerous with the food.

    Thanks for all the pics!

  25. Love that last picture...look at those beautiful eyes!

  26. Gorgeous Girl! Congratulations!

  27. What a great post! Love all of the pictures! Maisie is absolutely breathtaking!

  28. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Great pictures.
    Bea had trouble with her printer, so we had a group all eagerly waiting till the afternoon for the update. They loved it.
    Mom and Dad

  29. I am LOOOOOOVIN Miss Maisie!!!!! No lie - I come back to your site time and time again just to get a heapin' helping of that precious face!!! And I loved the Rosanna Rosanna Dana comment, I haven't thought about that character in years! Can't wait to get more pics (and I MUST save a copy of your packing list - how on earth you managed to do it all carry on I have no idea!!!)

  30. What a beautiful and loving family you are.

    Can't wait to have you back!

  31. Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby?? By the way, I just love that big ole' smile!! Enjoy Guangzhou! It is an amazing journey.

  32. What a beautiful family! So happy for you and hope you are feeling better.

    Lisa R. -Just waiting for my turn...LID 11/21/05.

  33. What a fun group. CCAI does it right you guys look like your having too much fun. I love the tootsie pop analogy. China is so big.


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