Saturday, November 25, 2006

The postman always rings twice

Or in our case, the postwoman knocks loudly and often. Our postwoman must be sick and tired of getting out of her truck, bringing packages to the door daily, but I'm loving it!! Over the past few days more wonderful gifts have been arriving for Maisie. First is this adorable monogrammed backpack from local gal pal Georgia. Unfortunately Georgia had to miss my shower as she was out delivering packages to other people. I missed you at the shower and hopefully we'll get together soon. I love that the font you picked is the same font as the letters I had made for Maisie's room!! You know that Maisie is going to love this bag, she'll be so cute with it, I can't wait!!

Next was a box with a return address that I didn't recognize and I was so surprised when I opened the package to find two great gifts. First was an adorable pair of overalls and a coordinating shirt from Connie. Next was a shirt that yes, does make Eammon proud, a cute London shirt from the Motor City Mammas, Catherine, Connie, Krista and Stacy. A big thank you to each of you for taking time during your trip to not only follow along as we received Maisie's referral, but for thinking of us and sending such great gifts. The overalls and coordinating shirt should fit Maisie this winter and hopefully next year she'll be strutting her stuff in the London shirt.

The next wonderful gift was a handmade Teddy bear from my Utah bloggy summit pal Lisa. The bear is so cute and is now proudly displayed in Maisie's room. Thank you for making such a sweet gift for Maisie, I know she'll love it!

Thank you again to everyone, we love all the gifts and appreciate the thought and care that you each put into them. Maisie's going to be one very fashionable, very loved and spoiled little girl.


  1. Such cute gifts! Maisie will be the most fashionable gal in town!

  2. Cute stuff! Maisie deserves to get spoiled:)

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    OK the suspense is making me crazy here -- what is inside the london shirt card? I am so sure it is about a mommy and daddy but...

  4. Truthfully, the font was just a coin-ki-dink, but how fun!! I really would like to get together sometime, I'm dying to see all the info on Maisie. (or what you're willing to share) :-) but I understand how busy you must be as you prepare for the biggest trip of your life!!!

  5. Cute, cute, cute gifts! Maisie is going to love them all.

    (Pssst, you just had your last holiday without Maisie!)

  6. What adorable gifts! Love the backpack and the homemade bear is so cute (Lisa W, you are just too crafty!).

    How cool that you celebrated your last holiday without your precious Maisie. For now on, all holidays are going to be bigger and better than ever!

  7. Awesome gifts, for an awesome little girl!

    Can't wait to see Maisie stylin the great gifts!

  8. What great gifts! Maisie is one lucky little girl!

  9. Very nice! It really is great getting "presents" almost everyday for the last couple of weeks! I'm getting spoiled though! :)

    I love the outfit from Connie. Soooo cute!

  10. Lovely gifts.

    Keep smilin!

  11. You're welcome! Such fun to send treats for the little ones.

    I must be selfish and admit I kept the barettes I bought that day. All the same you have the world's most beautiful baldy and I can't wait to see her in your arms and fast :0)


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