Monday, November 13, 2006

Names and game winners

I know that I teased everyone with the letters of Maisie's name so I wanted to show all the letters as they're now hanging in the nursery.

I've had numerous people ask about the pronunciation of Maisie's name, both her new and Chinese name. So here's a pronunciation guide:

Wan Chun Miao
Wan is pronounced like wen (w like in wood and en like in ten)
Chun is pronounced like chwan (ch like in chalk and uan as in wander)
Miao is pronounced like meow (like a cats meow)

Maisie is pronounced like mayzee (may like the month and zee with the long e like in zebra)

and just for good measure,

Eammon is pronounced like Amen (a like in able and mmon sounds like men, the emphasis is on the A) Or as my Dad remembered it, "Lisa's getting married, AMEN!!!

Now for the winners of the name, weight, province and date of birth contest.

Melissa, Georgia, Kikalee and Dawn all guessed Maisie with the correct spelling.

Diane from Canada was the closest on guessing the weight of 16.5 with a guess of 16.6.

Monica, Nicole and Susan all guessed the correct province of Chongqing.

Finally, the winner of the date of birth goes to Lisa (LID 2/6/06) with a guess of 10/1/05. Maisie's actual birth day is 10/17/05 but Lisa was the only person to guess the month of October.

Congratulations winners, be proud to know that you were right!!! Thanks to everyone who played along, it really helped us with the wait.


  1. Thanks for letting all of us be a part of your excitement! It was fun for us, too:)

  2. Love it! Maisie will too!

    Ian says you are the best baker and Maisie is so lucky! We went to Krogers to get Andes mint chip and none to be found - he doesn't think I can make them! I made plain Jane CC cookies instead :-)

  3. The letters you teased us with with so pretty - but with the all together spelling Maisie....simply beautiful. :)

  4. The letters look FANTASTIC on the wall. Maybe I will win for guessing on baby #2!!! I am thinking you are so NOT there yet!!

  5. Love the letters on the wall.
    Love the name!

  6. The letters of her name look beautiful!

  7. That looks just awesome!

    I think I need that for my bedroom...

    Here snoozes the QUEEN! ha ha.
    Can't wait!!!

  8. We talked about you also this weekend. I thought it was pronounced Mayzee...Melissa convinced us it pronounced like Macy....

    Thanks for clearing that up! I had AMEN all wrong too.

  9. Ultimately... you're the winner! You get to keep Maisie forever!

    :) Love those letters... really pretty and unusual

  10. The letters look so adorable!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  11. Now we have it all figured out! Thanks for the tutorial...and I love your dad's sense of humor ;0)

    The letters are major cuteness!

  12. Check out my blog..your cue ball cutie is on there..hehe..she is just too cute!!

  13. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I can't believe that I was closest to Maisie's birthday! October just felt right to me. Thanks for letting all the winners know the results and for including us in your life. Congratulations and here's to speedy travels!

    Lisa L.
    LID 2/06/06

  14. It really helped us with the wait too!
    The letters look so lovely on the wall and we hope that Maisie (such a beautiful name) gets to see them really soon.

  15. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Well now I just wonder when your TA will arrive?????? sound like a new poll is in order.....~wink~


  16. Love the letters all hung up to form her beautiful name. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

  17. I have followed your blog for many, many months and one thing is for sure ... you are going to be great parents. Maisie is a beautiful baby! Peaceful waiting for that TA to you ...


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