Monday, November 20, 2006

The "bestest" tea ever!!!!

Saturday I attended the most wonderful baby shower I've ever been to and it was for me!! It was a beautiful tea party and what made it so special was the time, effort, thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail that the ladies-who-lunch, my girly-girl posse Cindy, Daphne, Jill, Julie, Sonia and Stephanie put into making the shower so "me." From entering Jill's home and seeing a large poster of Maisie waving till the time it was over, it was just a beautiful and special afternoon.

There was one beautiful table after another, each draped in tablecloths with scattered rose petals everywhere. In addition each table had beautiful fresh flowers and it seemed everywhere I looked there was a picture of Maisie waving and a giraffe. The girls had gathered every stuffed giraffe that their children owned and added them to the table decoration. The first table had beautiful china teapots filled with a great variety of teas, china teacups and butter mints in little ladybug wrappers. Another table held champagne flutes filled with mimosas. The food table was beautiful too with pretty platters of tea sandwiches including pimento, cream cheese on cinnamon bread, smoked salmon and of course cucumber. There was also a wonderful salad, delicious fresh fruit, lemon poppy seed cake and the pastries set up on tiered platters, OMG!!!

Sonia, her sister Lisa and their Mom Barbara made numerous different kinds of cookies and pastries. I tried each and every one so let's see if I can remember them all even if I don't have all the names quite right. There were apricot bars, date nut bars, lemon splash cookies, walnut butterballs, buckeyes, ginger snaps, seven-layer bars, ruggalach, brownie bites and walnut tarts. As I said, I may not have the names right but they were all delicious. One last special detail was the little diaper candy holders that Julie's Mom Susan made as favors. They were so cute and I hope that she didn't get too many pin sticks from the mini diaper pins. I really appreciate Susan, Lisa and Barbara taking the time to help make all the wonderful treats and treat holders, thank you so much!!

More special things about the shower were all my wonderful friends who were able to attend including my girlfriend Angela who came down from

North Carolina and really surprised me as I never expected any of my out of town friends to be able to attend. Before the gifts were unwrapped, everyone told of how and where we met. It was nice to hear all the stories and just how much so many people were looking forward to Maisie's arrival. I was surrounded by so many fabulous ladies, just thinking about it makes me smile and I'm so pleased and thankful that they were able to share in my special day.

Now talk about being spoiled! Gifts have been arriving at our home all week and the wonderful gifts I received at the shower was over the top!! I'm pleased to say that Maisie now has many, many toys both educational and fun. Plastic is the newest member of the house and I'm not just talking about all those great gift cards or the often used and abused cards in my wallet but the big, colorful plastic that is meant to be climbed on, through, pushed, pulled and makes lots of noise kind of plastic. Maisie will be kept warm with clothes, adorable hats for her little bald head and tiny slippers for her little tiny toes. She'll be loved with many soft blankets, cuddle blankies and just a few giraffes including a blue one! Her bed won't be just for show anymore as she now has pads and sheets and if just by chance there happens to be a stinky diaper or two, there's a genie to help in that department. Her room will have books and CD's and the girl will be wearing just a little bit of bling and I think 14K is going to be her color!

In addition Maisie will now be able to leave the house and be safe and comfy in her cushy new car seat. She'll also have one hot Momma, OK maybe not, but she'll have one fashionably attired Momma attending to her as I'll be strutting around proudly with my new Kate Spade pink giraffe diaper bag. Hmmmm, how long can I keep Maisie in diapers so I get to carry that bag around!?!?!

Truly though as long and bumpy as this road to Maisie has been, looking back I don't know if I'd change anything including the wait. The friends and people that we've met along the way have been an inspiration, a blessing and a gift to not only Eammon and I but going forward many years to come, for all of us including Maisie. We've made some lifelong friendships that wouldn't have been made had the wait been as short as first anticipated. Thank you to everyone who attended my shower and to everyone who sent such fabulous gifts not only now but all through the wait. A special thank you to my girly-girls for the "bestest" tea party shower ever. Thank you also to our family and friends for your support, encouragement and for sharing the ride with us. Now bring on Maisie and let the real ride of a lifetime begin!!


  1. Wow, you got quite a lot of great looking stuff and it doesn't look like you got any duplicates. I really enjoyed the party and can't wait for you to bring Maisie home to all her goodies and waiting friends.


  2. WOW!!! What a beautiful shower you had. I agree, the friends I have met during this wait...totally worth it. Cannot wait to hear about your TRAVEL dates! Whoo-hoo!

  3. what amazing friends you have!!!! I'm so glad you were spoiled like this- you so deserve it after the wait!!! and um....I have two boys who are no longer in diapers and it is still possible to carry around a fantastic Kate Spade diaper bag!!!!! ps....our girl is up on our blog- please take a look...we finally have PA!!!!

  4. What an amazing shower! Your friends and family seem awesome!

  5. That looks like the perfect baby shower! I love "tea" - it's so ladylike.

    Your friends and family were very good to you and Maisie!

  6. I'm so happy for you. I had my shower already and it was one of the best days of my life. I'd say from the looks of these pictures, your ranks right up there. Everything looks absolutely lovely.

    Oh, and I totally spied that pink giraffe bag right off the bat. That think is smokin' hot!

  7. Lisa, Sounds like you had an amazing day! Good friends...priceless.


  8. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Awww that is awesome, you are so loved. Glad it was so special for you!

  9. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Hi, I am new to your blog but I just wanted to say your daughter is ADORABLE! I think she is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and I'm not just saying that! I am looking forward reading along with your journey and can't wait to hear that you have travel approval!

  10. Your friend, the party lady... is just AMAZING!!! Does she fancy a trip to lil ole Adelaide?!!! I LOVE the "tea party" theme. No one has "real" tea parties anymore! Absolutely gorgeous!
    And the gifts... OMG... the gifts!!! I LOVE the giraffe diaper bag! Totally YOU!

    Lisa and Eammon, thank you so much for sharing such a precious journey with us. You know, that little Maisie keeps our hopes alive, for our own little ones.

  11. Wow, your friends went all out! What a lovely baby shower. I can't believe the pink giraffe diaper bag - its so perfect! I hope you learn your travel dates SOON. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. What a great party, now we just need one sweet baby to use all that great stuff!

  13. What a great bunch of pals! And a whole lotta loot, too! I am so jealous of the Kate Spade bag. I may have to put that one on my list!

  14. What a beautiful shower. You and Maisie are so loved and how wonderful to share in those wonderful feelings and emotions. When it is time to look back at the wait to referral you then realize why things happened when they did. Not only for Maisie, but for all the great women you have met. I have to say, Sonia helped me a lot and I only wish I lived near you all to share in all the joy!

  15. Lisa, I have been following your blog for a few months, as I have followed, Amelia, Kailee and Kacey
    (Julie is my niece). I have had the most fun doing it. You did have a wonderful shower! Maisie is adorable and I can't wait to see real live pictures of her. I will be praying for you and your family to get Maisie home safely. I will continue to follow your journey. Beckie Thomas

  16. What a wonderful baby shower! WOW! I am very happy for you!

    Take care!

  17. Lisa,
    I think my favorite part was when everyone went around the room and described how you'd meet. I was somewhat teared up by what you wrote about the long and bumpy road, but all the good friends that you've made along the way -including our friendship!

    Now - to steal Julie's words - all we need here is one sweet little baby to use all that stuff! Oh -
    BTW - Are you carrying the KS diape bag?

  18. How fun! Glad you gals had a good time. Maybe one of these days I can meet them, too!

  19. So glad you had such a great time in your party pants. Looks like Miss Maisie will be having a blast very soon.

  20. Wow! What a gorgeous shower, gorgeous friends, gorgeous presents, gorgeous baby, gorgeous mama! I'm so happy for you!!!
    And even when Miss M grows out of diapers I'm sure you can find some things to tote around in that fantastic bag!

  21. Lisa, what an amazing shower they threw for you! You must have felt so special. I know it's sappy, but I was tearing up reading your post and all the little details that made your day so special. You must have been on cloud nine!

    I can't wait for my shower some day.

  22. Holy Moly! You made out like a bandit!

    It sounds like it was a perfect shower! :)

  23. Wow, Lisa. You cleaned up girl. You have such wonderful friends ...and a lot to be thankful for.

    Looks like you're set now. All you need is Maisie. :)

  24. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Wow! That looks like quite a beautiful party. I am so happy you have a great community of folks around you that care about your daughter. That will be a great way to bring her into the US world. Oh, you all are getting closer!

  25. Oh my gosh what an awesome shower! I love that big poster too. So cool. Awesome friends for an awesome person. :-)

    Huge hugs,
    Mary-Mia (on my way to bed even though it's only 8:48, zzzzzzz)

  26. What awesome friends! And this is a tribute to the wonderful person that you are Lisa! You are loved by many as is Maisie!

    Congrats on such a perfect tea party/shower. What a great theme!

    Blessings, Catherine

  27. That looks like an amazing shower. Beautiful food, presents and friends.

    Keep smilin!

  28. Anonymous7:00 PM

    So fun!! Love the bag..Kate Spade does it well, every time ;-) so glad you had a blast and sorry I missed seeing it all in person on Monday. Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving with the family...Maisie is almost home!!

  29. That was fun! Let's do it again soon... for me!!!LOL

    What awesome gifts and such wonderful friends to share the moment. Thanks again, I had a wonderful time.



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