Saturday, November 11, 2006

Care package

Today we sent Maisie her care package. We included a cute little lion holding a blanket (No decapitated creature attached to a blanket here!!) We've slept with this lion which is all micro-fleece and oh-so soft. There's also a Lamaze toy which has lots of different textures, the leaves crinkle and if you pull on the lady bug ring, the bee and the flower get pulled down into the green cup. I like it because it's easy to hang onto and great for teething. We included a disposable flash camera to which I attached the picture of Maisie waiving along with her name. A letter to the SWI Director was included, asking for the items to be given to Maisie and for pictures to be taken and the camera returned on "Gotcha Day." A bag of fun size M&M's was added for the nannies.

The final item included is Maisie's Who Love's Baby book. A work mate of Eammon's wrote out captions for the pictures in Mandarin which I attached to each photo. Here are the pictures that we included along with the captions.

Baba Loves Wan Chun Miao

Mama Loves Wan Chun Miao
Mama and Baba Love Wan Chun Miao
Wan Chun Miao's bedroom
Wan Chun Miao's home and garden
Wan Chun Miao's friends and playmates

I really hope that these items get to Maisie and that the nannies take pictures of both Maisie and the SWI. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. I love those pictures! Maisie is so blessed that you are to be her parents!

  2. Your home is beautiful. I love the extra touch with the photo of Maisie's sweet future buddies!

  3. Those are great pictures! I'm sure she will love the care package (and you!):)

  4. Love how you both are waving 'a la' Maisie! What a glorious life Maisie has in front of her!

  5. Fantastic package! Love the photos and captions! You have a lake?!! How cool is that?!!! Will be awesome when you are finally holding little Maisie in the flesh! Although her little hand waving picture is just gorgeous!!!

  6. Love, Love, Love the pics you put in your album for Maisie. Great choices :)

  7. great care package! The nannies are going to see what loving parents you both are, I just know it!!!!

  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I know I am a bit late, (you'll understand once you are chasing your little one around!) but CONGRATULATIONS! She is so beautiful -- even without hair -- and that little picture with her waving just melted my heart. I know she will love her goodies. Sydney came to us on Gotcha Day clutching some of the things we sent her.

  9. Lisa, you are FOR SURE Maisie's mom, because of the way you are waving with your fingers just like hers in the photos! It's hard to do that, ya know. I tried and I can't put those two fingers close together like that!

    She will love her care package :)

  10. That's a great care package, smart to sleep with the blankie! I just love her little jungle nursery, she is going to enjoy growing up in that room!

  11. Oh, my gosh - how incredibly sweet and so special. Maisie's Mom & Dad do love her so. XO

  12. We will keep everything crossed for you to but I am sure they will get there just fine.
    The photo of all her future playmates is so sweet.

  13. Great care package! I love the picture of you holding Maisie's picture! Like mother,like daughter (the way you are holding your hand!)

    Hurry care package - make it to Maisie!

  14. Great care package!!! Love the pictures with y'all waving!!! Too cute!!!


  15. How exciting! How wonderful it will be for you to receive the pictures of Maisie at the orphanage. (Praying this happens!)

    It won't be long now Mama and Baba!

  16. What a nice touch to add the 'girley girls' in Maisie's photo album! Nice captions too.

  17. What a great care package! I hope you get lots of pictures of Miss Maisie from the orphanage!

  18. What a great care package. I hope you receive everything back. Shayna still loves to look at the photo album she received from us. A piece of you and E is about to be with Maisie, what an awesome feeling!

  19. I love that you included a picture of all her future playmates.

  20. I love the green couch photo,it's the perfect touch for Maisie to know she's coming into friendly territory :)

  21. Just awesome!
    This just brings tears of joy to my eyes. I so can't wait to meet her.

  22. Love the pictures of you posing the same as her. - Too cute.



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