Sunday, November 12, 2006

N.C. invasion and hot lips

Saturday night, exhausted Ikea shoppers Susan and Shannon joined Eammon and I for dinner. We've met Shannon before but this was the first time we've met Susan and she was so nice. We spent hours chatting like long lost friends and laughing so hard at Shannon's stories. I don't think I've ever met anyone with so many funny stories, that girl should do stand-up.

The evening was just so easy, no drama, no stress, it was casual and they both ooooohed and aaaaahed over Maisie's pictures. Who could ask for anything better!! Even though this was the first time meeting Susan, because I've followed her blog from the beginning, it was like meeting someone I've always known. I wish that both Susan & Shannon lived closer so that we could get together more often. I hope that they never build an Ikea closer to them so that when they need a fix, they'll drop in and visit us.

Shannon still remembers what I served for dinner when she visited a year ago and I guess she liked it as she convinced Susan that they had to come visit and have dinner with us. I fear that Shannon may never forget this year's dinner as she found the pork-stuffed poblanos with walnut cream sauce a little hotter than she anticipated. Sure, my lips tingled a little and Susan and Eammon seemed to enjoy the meal but poor Shannon really felt the heat of the meal. She said she enjoyed it and I really hope she did, even though she had very hot lips.

Susan & Shannon, it was great spending an evening with you, you're great guests and you're welcome back any time. Can't wait to see you both again.


  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Lisa and Eammon and Maisie-

    Haven't had a chance to post yet but I just wanted to let you know that Maisie is ADORABLE! I love her eyes. How expressive! I hope we get to meet you all in Guangzhou!

    Thanks for being great secret pals!! Anne and Gunther and Alexandra (yeah she wins for hair but Maisie wins for eyes!!)

  2. We had a great time! Thanks so much for having us! You're a fabulous cook and I loved dinner. And as soon as we can get back to the ATL we'll pop back in and see you guys- and hopefully Miss Maisie too! =)

  3. Anonymous2:18 AM

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  4. Sounds like a good time. I'm glad you all had fun.

  5. Had a blast and dinner was fantastic. Can't wait to do it again.

  6. How fun - I am so happy for you!

    What a way to get the time to go by faster while waiting for TA!!!

  7. Sounds like fun... AND I will try the stuffed peppers!!! HOT or NOT!!!


  8. Hey! I know Susan. She and I were at the airport together to welcome home another family. Wow! Now that is a small world! And Lisa - if you haven't read my blog recently - your daughter's picture is Jordan's favorite. She asks to see it almost every night!

  9. It's so much fun to meet other bloggers. We should have an annual bloggers convention somewhere so we can all meet each other. LOL!

  10. I am with Krista on the Annual Bloggers Convention!! How great would that be!!!

    Glad to hear you had a great time - anything to pass the time to Maisie....

  11. What a great time!

    Woman, I am still in awe of that tan of yours. Ms. Lily White here just cannot imagine life with a tan.

  12. I am so jealous you got to hang w/ my bloggy posse! Those gals are awesome and so much fun. Shannon (aka Hot Lips)and Susan will keep you in stitches! Looks and sounds like a blast.


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