Monday, October 17, 2005

You can't always get what you want.

But sometimes it works out even better. After my five blissful hours of sleep Thursday night, I had hopes and dreams of future restful nights, but that was not to be the case. But luckily for me, Saturday night was the invasion of the Shannons so I didn't end up wandering the house all night, aimlessly and alone. Late Saturday afternoon, after their long drive that morning from the Carolinas to Atlanta, followed by a brief 8 hour shopping spree at IKEA, fellow bloggers Shannon and Shannon arrived at our home for an overnight visit. This was the first time we have met in real life and OMG what a hoot these two girls are, playing off one another like an old married couple. Shannon R. had us in such a state, with stories of her life and times, that Eammon and I struggled not to pee in our pants whilst holding our tear stained cheeks which ached from laughing so hard. For some reason while talking to Eammon, with his London accent, Shannon R would lapse into her version of an English accent. Sorry Shanny, not only are you not going to win American Idol with your singing, but you have no hope of doing international voice overs. It was so funny as her words started in Dick Van Dyke cockney and ended some where in Pakistan but not before taking an unscheduled tour of New Zealand. It was soooo fun.

It was a gorgeous evening and we sat outside until after 11P.M., eating, talking and laughing. By that time all of us were full and quite tired so we all went off to bed. But for me, sleep proved elusive yet again. I heard one of the Shannons up and wandering around so I got out of bed and joined Shannon R. in the family room where we talked and laughed until 4 a.m. when she finally was ready to sleep. I crawled back into bed and managed 45 minutes of sleep before deciding to call it a night and start my day. Sunday morning proved a slow start for all of us, but after sitting around and chatting some more, then a light breakfast, the Shannons bid their farewells and headed back to the Carolinas with their car loaded down with IKEA booty. Thanks for the visit girls and for all the fun loot.


  1. Dude! We did have so much fun and were fed such great food. :-) And I'm loving the "invasion of the Shannons" I always wanted to invade something and now I have! HA HA HA
    Thanks for the bed, and the laughs. It was a blast!
    Shannon H

  2. We had a ball! Thank you again for the hospitality and fabulous grub! It was so great to meet you and Amen! I'll be working on my accent for our next get together! =)
    p.s. hey, since we invaded do we get to plant a flag?

  3. I'm jealous - I've wanted to meet Shannon R in person for a long while ;-> I hope you get some sleep my dear - once you have your baby home you'll sleep better I am sure...

  4. Was IKEA a mad house ? I was there a few weeks ago and swore it off. *sigh* We are also in Atlanta and starting the paper chase. So I might stop in to visit your blog again very soon.

  5. How cool, sounds like you guys had a blast. I've been meaning to get over to IKEA myself! so I need to plan a whole day huh?

  6. I love the Shannons!!! I had the pleasure of having dinner with them with some of my other NC adoption pals. They are awesome gals. NC, GA and SC should find a central spot and let's all get together...I want to meet the GA gals, too :( If we go to Gaffney, SC (home of the peach azz looking water tower) we can go to the P*ottery B*arn Outlet store!! Never been to I*KEA so PBO is my new heart throb place to shop.


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