Thursday, May 11, 2006


Pulling up to my driveway this morning I thought I had been left the biggest pile of goose poo ever. In light of the slowdown with referrals and given my current mood, a big pile of poo wouldn't be totally inappropriate. When I got closer though, I could see that it was actually a huge turtle with some really vicious claws. (click on picture to enlarge) It's difficult to determine the size from the picture, but it's pretty big, about 18-inches long.

This afternoon I spent a few hours venting my frustrations by hacking branches off of trees, weeding and trimming some bushes. The pictures below are what's left of my destruction, which Eammon will be "thrilled" beyond words to help me bundle up this weekend.

Now I'm knackered and in desperate need of a shower. Luckily, Eammon is out for the night, so I don't have to prepare any dinner! I'm going to take a nice long shower, get into bed early, watch my final recorded episode of Texas Ranch House, then Survivor and early to bed.

Maybe when I wake up the big pile of weeds and branches will be gone, the sun will be shining and CCAA will have matched at least 65 days worth of parents-to-be with their children. Here's to wishful thinking!


  1. Hey! I've got about 1 1/2 hours of Texas Ranch House left to watch. I'm loving it, BUT, I HATE MRS. (not 1867 at all) COOKE!!! I want her to get bit by a rattler.....

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Hey you do good work.

    Pack up the turtle and come up to Minnesota for the weekend, and we can clear my yard together.

  3. I think Eammon will just be happy that all he has to do is clean it up! You're a hard worker woman!

    And the turtle? Those claws scare me. Is that common in GA to have a turtle on your driveway?

  4. Darren is into that Texas Ranch House show also, I can't get into it

  5. That turtle is a bit scary, did he leave yet?

    Next time you tackle the yard I can send my special helper. He's really cute, blondish hair, georgous face, loves to dig & has 4 legs!


  6. I have a few weeds that need attention in our yard. Doing anything this weekend?

  7. i'll cook, serve you drinks, and you can hack up our yard to your heart's content...don't forget the turtle!

  8. That's not a turtle. It's a fre@kin dinosaur!


  9. Ohhh, enjoy the rest of Texas Ranch House. The last four hours is the BEST.

  10. I didnt know you are a survivor fan! cool, now i've got someone to compare notes with on friday mornings :) If you continue to feel frustrated, bring those choppers to my house!

  11. What did you do with the turtle? I remember stopping my car on a freeway to try to help a poor turtle who thought he should cross that busy road! Their claws are scary. But I wasn't letting him get squished!

  12. Oh Lisa I laughed so hard when I read your description about the big pile of poo!!! Thanks, I needed that. You are so funny. (I have to admit that's exactly what he looked like in the picture.)

    Take care,
    M3 (Taking one quick peek at the Internet while I'm waiting for Rod)


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