Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly x3

The Good: Jo, JoJo and their three goslings are all doing well. The goslings are losing their fluff and starting to get their feathers. It's so cute, the goslings are imitating their Mother and have started coming up to our French doors and pecking at them, letting me know they want to be fed.

The Bad: In thanks, they always manage to leave piles of poo behind!

The Ugly: Did you know that geese poo a pound a day! According to Eammon, it's all in our yard...guess I should stop encouraging them and feeding them.

The Good: Over the past week the weather in Atlanta has been unseasonably cool, only in the low to mid 70's, so working in the yard, though despised far from my favorite task, has been comfortable. In the past two days I have hacked trimmed 49 shrubs around my yard. Yes, you read that correctly, 49 shrubs!

The Bad: Forty of the newly scalped shrubs are hollies and have left me scratched, stabbed and bruised. On top of that, with everything I've trimmed in the past two days and what I did last week, I'm not even close to being halfway through...plus the weeds...OMG!! Any gardeners out there interested in a lovely 4bd/4ba home on a pond? I think I hear the sweet call of a condo, as once Baby S is here, this may be much more than I can handle!

The Ugly: The picture shows only the debris from nine of the shrubs. Just in case you missed it, there were 49 shrubs cut, of which I still have clean-up to do from ALL of them! I think we're going to exceed our weekly limit of 6 bags of yard debris allowed by our sanitation company. In addition, on advise of Julie, I sprayed my gardens with this natural stuff that's supposed to deter those evil monsters from feasting on my flowers. Sure, they're cute when they're little but now thanks to them, my gardens smell like hot wings and urine...Lovely!!

The Good: This weekend we're getting together with other Atlanta area adopting families for a bonfire. These monthly gatherings have been a saving grace in this seemingly endless wait for Baby S.

The Bad: For the past 6 months, each month I've thought, oh good, we're at the halfway point in our wait to referral only to find that the next month, with the time line du jour, we're still at the halfway point. Well, now I don't even know what to think about where we are in the wait to referral. Our dossier has been logged in at CCAA for 9 months and 6 days...not that I'm keeping count or anything. We've been climbing this mountain of wait for so long now, I can't wait to reach the top and start coming down the other side.

The Ugly: In each newsletter from our agency, they generally show a predicted time line of when they think referrals will come out for each log-in-date. For Eammon and I, the predictions always seemed to be twice as long as we've already waited. Well in this months newsletter, our LID wasn't even listed! They did predictions for referrals six months into the future and we're not there!!! Our LID is August 10, and right now our agency is anticipating that families logged-in at the end of July will hopefully be receiving their referrals in October! With referrals lately coming at the end of the month, we may not have Baby S until 2007!!!


  1. FYI my agency suggested today that I may get a referral in July or August. A little glimmer of hope!

    LID 8/09

  2. Ugly #3 makes me wanna throw up. Seriously.

  3. Nice to see all the Good stuff on your list. Thanks for adding me to the DTC section of your links - I feel like I've moved up in the world!

  4. I saw that chart. At that pace, I'll get my referral in December of 2007! You see how crazy that sounds? A 2 year wait?! I just don't believe it.

    And based on their past predictions, you know how wrong they can be! Hopefully, this time, they'll be wrong in a good way.

  5. Wow! You have been busy! Re: the wait, I just don't know what to say. Maybe the agency is just being REALLY cautious and we will all be pleasantly surprised this month. But if not, I will have my credit card ready for more retail therapy. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

  6. Ugh!!! Ugh to the poop, the shrubs and especially number 3! Our agency just cannot be right. Nope, not gonna believe it. Nope, nope, nope!

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM


    Can you tell me more about the waiting families get-togethers? Jonathan and I would love to come to one and meet you all!


  8. Sh@t, can I say that on Blogger?

    I still say NO, that waiting timeline is totally unacceptable. I refuse to lie down and take that news, I will only accept it kicking, screaming and full of good wine!!!

  9. When you said Ugly in #3 I think you should have said VERY F***ING UGLY. Sorry but that one is so ugly I can barely stand it.

    My agency is still being quiet so far. Man.......this is the pits.

  10. This moving finish line thing just sucks doesn't it? How are we supposed to keep any shred of hope or sanity? Ugh. Sending you huge hugs and hoping we're all pleasantly surprised at how big this month's referrals are.

    (Your geese are adorable. I think it would cheer me up if you would name them. Or maybe you could have a naming contest?)

  11. Anonymous8:53 PM

    My rabbit monster's name is General Wormwort. He hasn't yet visited though all his favorite morsels are growing...mostly he likes the black-eyed susans and the asters. BES are $8 per pot and a bit pricey for rabbit chow.

    As for the wait. It is out of control, I feel like Charlie Brown. Based on our agency's newsletter...we'll be looking at a January referral. January, January being a full 8 months after we were supposed to be HOME with our daughter. Argh.

  12. Good lord!!! 49 bushes with more to go?!?!? I would be throwing myself into the pond if I were you.

    I love canada geese, but they sure are messy. I enjoy watching and listening to them fly over our house. I remember when we lived in New York, businesses were always trying to find a way to get rid of them.

  13. Ugly #3 is just not right!!!! My heart goes out to you. With a May 31 LID, I thought being cut off by one day a few months ago was bad but I just can't imagine being told of such an outrageous wait! Here's hoping that there is no truth to that and that this month referrals start covering 3 or 4 weeks at a time, if not more! (I know, a little far fetched, but for all the waiters, I wish I was right!)


  14. la-la-la-la!!!!! I'm not listening to your last "the ugly"

  15. #3 is really ugly. In fact, it is hideous. Your geese are really cute though.

  16. Let's hope ugly #3 is WRONG WRONG WRONG. The geese are cute but they scare me. I was once chased down the street by a gang of wild geese while trying to steal an apple of a neighbor's tree. I was about 10 years old and in order to reach the apples I had to prop my oh so cool bike with the banana seat against the tree and climb on top of it while my best friend held the bike. The geese came out of nowhere and chased the two of us all the ways home!


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