Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Best dressed baby!

This month, the August dtc secret pal theme is "best dressed baby" and thanks to my wonderful pal, Baby S will be that baby! The outfit is so adorable and on top of that, I love that she embellished the little baseball hat to match! Check out the coordinating kerchiefs and the socks, oh my gosh...Way too cute!! Of course to look completely cool a girl needs shades and my fabu pal included those as well. Am I, I mean Baby S spoiled or what???

Also included in the package was a beautiful frame, very, very much my style. I'm hoping that once the pals are revealed and we have our children, my pal will send pictures of her child that I can put in the frame,so that we'll always have a connection. Finally, what made me laugh out loud, and trust me I've needed a good laugh, was the wooden giraffe with a matching bandana around it's neck...too funny! I can't wait to dress Baby S in this fun outfit. Thanks my pal, you've made my day!


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I'm so glad the package arrived today - a day we all can use a little pick me up, and that you like the outfit. Of course, I had to buy a matching outfit for my baby. ;) I can't wait to send you a photo for that frame. I haven't got around to beading the socks for my daughter but, it looks like I have plenty of time to deal with that. Hugs. Your Aug Pal

  2. Cute outfit Lisa! I'm sure you'll be able to mix it with some others you have (he he he!)
    So sorry to hear you're feeling so blue. I guess, we're still so early in the process, that the slowdown isn't bothering me anywhere near as much, as I'm sure it will, when we are just a month or two away! Hang in there!

  3. Nothing like presents to make a girl's day a bit brighter!

  4. I love suprise gifts!

  5. This outfit is totally adorable!


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