Thursday, May 04, 2006

Can I say WOW!!!

Last evening an extremely large box was at our door and it was packed with gifts for Baby S, Eammon and myself. My CCAI Secret Pal truly out did herself with everything she sent for the April swap. First, she included a note saying that she shops with her heart and doesn't always stick with the monthly theme. Well, to my pal let me say, we are very lucky that you shop this way and we know by your gifts and notes that you have a huge and very kind heart. We love and appreciate each and every item that you send to us.

First in the package, to help Eammon and I relax during the long wait, my pal sent candles in three beautiful little tins. To help me stay organized and to display pictures (already being used to display our friend's referral photos) an absolutely adorable giraffe memo board. Then, for Eammon and I to celebrate when we finally receive our referral, she sent bath confetti...very cool!

So, not only is my pal spoiling us but she went crazy with gifts for Baby S. First there were bibs; bib, bib, bib, bib, bib, yes five in all, but I will say the cutest was the one with the giraffe! Next there was a nice soft hooded towel and matching wash cloth, which also sported a giraffe. Third on the list of Baby S items was a Baby Einstein book, Jane's Animal Expedition. I love Baby Einstein books and this one is adorable with lift flaps revealing different animals in various habitats, one of which is a giraffe. Hmmmm...does my pal know a little something about me???? The final gift I unwrapped for Baby S had a note on the front, stating that she just couldn't resist buying this item as it really caught her eye. Well lucky me...I mean Baby S, as she has an adorable outfit with Snoopy on the bib and leg of the overalls and the shirt matches the patch pockets on each leg...Adorable!!

Thank you my CCAI pal, we love how you spoil us!


  1. Save a couple of the candles in the tins. They are GREAT for freshening up the room in China!! We took two little travel candles and used both. Sometimes the room smelled like diapers (haha) and sometimes it just smelled musty from humidity!!!

  2. I love all of your loot ~ check out all the giraffes!!! You sure have a special secret pal!!

  3. Wow, you have a terrific and thoughtful SP!


  4. I take it you don't have a $10 price limit! You have a wonderful SP!

  5. What a nice treat! Very generous secret pal.


  6. How fun! You have a great Secret Pal!

  7. I've just started the secret pal swap in the two groups I'm in - it's so exciting!!! I don't know what I like better, the shopping for my pal - or the receiving!


  8. What great gifts!!! You have got one thoughtful secret pal!!!

  9. Great Gifts!!! I love the memo board!!!

  10. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Oh my! The giraffe board is awesome!


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