Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Flirting idiot

Just so you know, it's official I'm getting old. Today I went to the eye doctor for my annual eye/contact lens exam and also to be checked as I have been having difficulty reading labels and small print up close. The doctor checked my vision and said that my distance vision is the same and hasn't really changed in 20 years, but said that I now need reading glasses. She said that I could get a pair of over the counter magnifying glasses or I could try what they call Monovision. I opted for the latter and now have my distance prescription in my right eye and a different prescription in my left eye so that I can read things up close. My brain hurts as it is trying to adapt and "learn" to see with the eye best suited for the task.

Driving home, all the other drivers must have thought I was flirting with them as I kept winking, trying to look out of my distance eye for the road and my up close eye for other things...OK, I looked like an idiot... Everything is blurry; up close, distance and mid-range. The headache is there but I don't want to pull out the lenses because that will make tomorrow worse as my already fried brain tries to learn something new.


  1. Oh our aging eyes, ain't it grand? I just hope you don't get dizzy and fall down!

  2. You are cracking me up. I swear I had a similar incident happened to me a month ago. We went furniture shopping and in the showroom, I must have gotten some dust in my eye or an eyelash. It drove me nuts. My eye was watering like crazy and I was trying to blink whatever it was out of my eye. The saleman must have thought I was flirting with him even though he had to be in his late 60's. Of course, we did get a great deal on our furniture so maybe there is something to the whole blinking/winking deal.

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. So glad you told me now. Can you imagine what I would have thought if you had shown up at lunch tomorrow all winky with me (a total stranger) and then getting teary eyed. Hum...what would I have thought?!

  4. Only my family knows this-but your story made me come out of the closet. Honey-at least you had your eyesight for as long as you have! One "drawback" to the paperchase was that my doc appt revealed that my eyesight was worsening-two eye doctors later I was diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma and dimmed vision in one eye. I don't care what they say-but I blame the adoption agency. The moment I received the box of paperwork to fill out-I am positive that that's when my left eye gave out! Still, I could have kissed the doc when he said "juvenile" glaucoma-even if it just means under the age of 60.

    Oh-and I am a night winker...not a good thing :)

  5. So funny! It does take a few days for your eyes to adjust. The first days with my glasses had me "catching" myself because I thought the floor was dipping!

  6. Eeesh babe -- that whole Monovision thing sounds awful. I'm getting a sympathy migraine for you just thinking about it.

    Take care of yourself, don't wink at any truck drivers, and I hope you can see a little better tomorrow.

  7. I went to the eye doctor on Saturday, man I HATE that puffer thingy.

    New glasses don't give me headaches, but they make my nose itch so bad. So at least you're winking, I look like I am picking my nose!


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