Wednesday, December 28, 2005

For Lauren

Today I completed my first scrap book page! Donna is making a scrap book of 100 Good Wishes for her daughter.She invited family, friends and fellow bloggers to create a page for Lauren. She mailed to me, the coordinating papers in the picture to the right and I had to figure out what to do with them! So many patterns, so many choices, I was completely overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do and how. For some reason I felt the need to use each color and pattern but after much consideration, I narrowed my selection to two patterns and two solids. Next I went to the craft store as I wanted to add something pretty to the page. OMG, let me tell you, I was standing in the scrap book isle for over an hour, looking like a deer in the headlights, trying to narrow down my selection and make a decision. Wow, so many beautiful choices. I finally found the basket of flowers and the butterflies and I thought they picked up on the flowers and colors in the paper. It was a fun project and now I have the confidence to start on Baby S's book!


  1. Awesome, you did a great job. I know that oh wow I'm in over my head feeling at the craft store.

    Want to take over my severely lacking scrapbook stash? I'm only about 1 year behind. Blah...

  2. Lisa, what a beautiful page and a lovely poem! I also love your choice of font (sort of a Chinese style) and the flowers and butterflies.

    Thank you so much for putting so much thought into the was so sweet of you to create this wish for Lauren. I hope this does inspire you to start up a scrapbook for Baby Shanahan.

    Donna :)

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Oh my gosh, Lisa is converting, Lisa is converting. Wooohoo. Welcome to the dark side.

    Great page there girlie!

  4. ohhhhhhh I love scrapbooking. I think I need to connect with Donna! Lisa, I think you did an awesome job!! Are you sure you have never scrapped before????

  5. Whoa!!! That looks really hard. I'm tired just looking at it. I think I need to go have a little mimosa to perk myself up. Hehe!

    (Seriously, though, you did an amazing job! I'm totally impressed!)`

  6. you did a great job! your a multi-talented woman, Lisa.


  7. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I am in awe! You have the knack.

  8. welcome to the scrapbooking side! wasn't it fun???

    what a great idea to make a 100 wishes book!

  9. Your page is so pretty! I need to get motivated and work on the life book i was going to do for Emily. Maybe you have inspired me!

  10. Good job. All those pieces of paper cut with straight lines. How did you do it?

  11. YOU went to the craft store!!-And you came out alive! Holy smokes...I went there and was almost taken out by crazed women with shopping carts-then to see all of the stuff...I almost had a nervous breakdown. However-i have turned to the dark side-as julie says.
    So welcome Lisa-it's all downhill from here. Your page is beautiful! I love the flowers.

  12. Thanks everyone for the compliments, it was a fun project. I don't think though, that it should take days of stress to make one page, so I am going to have to work on that. I am looking forward to making more pages. I just signed up to make one for Sean and Gen, so we shall see how that one comes out.

    I don't have any scrap book tools, but I do have a rotary cutter, straight edge and a mat, so that is how I got everything straight and square. That too is the reason why there is nothing but straight lines.

    I'm hooked, anyone else need a page?

  13. The page looks beautiful, Lisa! Any page with the name "Lauren" is just fantastic in my eyes(my 9 year old's name!). You did a great job. Wish I had some talent in the scrapbook making department!

  14. This entry received so much feedback and I know why! Like most of these gals, I have a secret stash of unfinished scrapbooks and tons of do-dads to go with it. Some day I may finish - or not. Your page is lovely and you got to go to the craft store *love the craft store* aren't you a lucky girl!


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