Friday, January 20, 2006

Hat-trick Friday

The postman must have thought it my birthday with all the packages arriving today, all for me, me, me!! OK, mostly for Baby S, but *I* got to open them. All three of my secret pals sent wonderful gifts this month with the swap theme being Chinese New Year.

My July dtc pal was very creative and sent this beautiful National Geographic Wall Map of China along with items for Baby S's scrapbook, stickers, coins and confetti. I am going to get the map framed and then when we get our referral, we'll be able to look up at the map and find where our daughter is located.

The next box was *huge*, coming up as high as my knees so I just knew that it was from my CCAI August/September Pal. Sure enough, the box was just full of wonderful items. The Disney crib toy set is adorable and I keep pressing on Pooh's hunnypot listening to it play the music that goes along with "Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh. Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. He's Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh." Then there's Eeyore, awwww.... everybody loves Eeyore...and Tigger too!! She also included a beautiful vase, a fun, super soft ladybug pillow, a coordinating frame to the one she sent last month (which I had almost missed,) some chopsticks and check out the wine bottle cute is that!!! The funniest thing though was a note she included so I would be sure to find all the wonderful things she included this month.

To complete my wonderful day of gifts, my August dtc pal went with a Year of the Dog theme with this fabulous Scotty dog dress with little heart buttons and check out the hearts on the back...soooo cute!

She also sent aCD which says Happy New Year, The Spring Festival Music Collection. I am looking forward to listening to it!

Thank you to all three of my wonderful secret pals. I love all the interesting, fun and beautiful items that you send each month. I'll be sorry when these swaps end but I am looking forward to finding out the names of my fabulous pals.


  1. That must have been a wonderful surprise - getting all those gifts in one day. Hey, can I borrow that adorable little dress for Emily?

  2. that is the cutest dress! Cant wait to see Baby S in it

  3. Wow, it's like Christmas all over again! I've been wanting to get a map of China...and that dress is so sweet! I love Pooh bear, so I would be playing that little tune over and over again!

    Donna :)

  4. Wow, you guys go all out! I wish we had done this...we have a great december dtc list and still communicate daily, but kept the gifts pretty small.

  5. Your secret pals love you! And well they should too.....can't wait for you to share all these great goodies with Baby S!

  6. What great secret pals you have. I love Baby S.'s scotty dog dress ~~~ too, too cute!

  7. Lisa,
    You have great secret pals! Enjoy the new year.

  8. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Oh my gosh! I love Scotty Dog stuff and that dress is adorable. Love the map too, it is beautiful!

  9. Oh my god...check out the loot! I am partial to the doggie dress, but then again, I am partial to dogs too!


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