Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I should be giddy...but...

Today we have been logged in with CCAA for five full months. According to our original timeline, we should be about one month away from referral and seeing Baby S's picture. Instead I'm thinking that we are *maybe* at the halfway point of our wait. I'm trying to be positive, I still have many things to do before Baby S's arrival, but I could complete them or pass them over if I could get my baby now!! I wish that CCAA could just give a month when we will get our referral and then the there would be a date to look forward to. They know how many dossiers they've received for each month, they know how many they can process and match each month. So, based on those numbers, why can't they give us something more than they do?



  1. Oh Lisa, I know exactly how you feel. I hit the 5 month mark tomorrow and at the beginning of all of this I thought I'd be holding a picture next month.

    We just have to hold on to hope that it will eventually happen!

  2. Congratulations on being 5 months into the wait. I also understand what you mean...why can't they just do the math and give us a month we can cling to? Not knowing is a killer.


  3. I'm going on 7 months. Completely understand. [sigh]

  4. Oh, do be giddy. You've got 5 under your belt. Zen is such a hard place to hit sometimes...but hey, you guys had a stellar visit to USCIS... We're rootin' for you guys(and the rest of you, too). Remember - there's a killer pair of pink lame sneakers that are just dying to work their way around the states...If we all go at once not everyone would get their turn with them, now would they? Hmmmmmm.....



  5. Hang in there... Sometimes I think it's easier to say things like "This time next year, Baby S will have been with us for four/five/six months!" When you get up to 12 months, you'll know it's travel time! ha ha!

    Hey, you have to do SOMETHING to keep you sane. Looking forward to the pink lame sneakers should help too!

    You could always visit the NC Zoo! All the NC China Moms(to-be) will meet you there!

  6. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Tell me about it. I have not even waited a month and it is long. ha ha! I have a feeling that this cannot go on much longer. They have to start giving out a month at a time again soon. New Year...new progress. My prayer is that they do two months of referrals in one month twice!!!! Miracles do happen!!! God is powerful. :) YOur race is almost done.

  7. Anonymous5:50 PM

    5 months closer than you were! Hang in there, cause when you go, I'm right behind you! ; )

  8. the waiting sucks...can't think of anything else to say! We had the opposite happen, we were told 10-12 months and we got our referral in six, and I was STILL the biggest complainer about the wait!

  9. I hear ya girl! We are just over 6 months and it's driving us nuts! Apparently we are in the "review" room and holding our breath! We're getting there.... I can't imagine any more of the partial months though.... : (


  10. I too know how you feel. No matter what the timeline, at least we're 5 months closer.


  11. Going from a referral in approx. one more month to maybe being halfway there does stink. At least we found out at the beginning of our wait it would be longer. Still a bummer. We've waited 3 months today. Hang in there!

  12. I'm with ya on that sista! it would be so much easier if we just had an educated guess of when It will be our turn. I agree. Yesterday was my 4 month mark---at least this 4 months went by fast...maybe the next half will too?


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