Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lopsidedness can be rewarding!

When we first purchased our home, just over a year and a half ago, Eammon and I both loved that we backed up to the water, and we were also attracted to the small lawn and the beautifully manicured shrubs and garden beds. I don't know why the smaller grassy area appealed to me, as mowing is a blue job, and not one that I would have to worry about...other than listening to Eammon complain that he either has to mow, or complaining that he had to mow. My outdoor responsibilities are the shrubs and the gardens, and trust me, I got screwed on this bargain as the shrubs and garden beds don't seem to end. I needed to trim the shrubs, and my old hedge trimmer, had bit the dust, so I purchased a new Hedge trimmer. Thus, I have been spending the past number of days butchering trimming all of the shrubs surrounding our home. I have 2 sides of the house finished thus far, because as I go along, I weed, and cleaning up all the trimmings, takes forever. I figure another 2 or 3 days and I will be finished with all the shrubs.

The previous owners loved working in the yard, they were retired, that's what they did, so all the shrubs were trimmed beautifully. The down side...I have to keep up the shrub trimming, or it looks like crap. I think that, if the former owners drove by, they would have heart failure, to see the state of the lopsided shrubs, but their eyes would bug out if they saw all the fantastic changes that have been made to the interior of the house. So, why am I on this little jaunt? Sunday, I was watching The CBS Sunday Morning Show and they showed a man, Pearl Fryar, who's yard was just amazing. He said that it takes 2 weeks to trim all the topiaries, and by that time, he has to start all over again. He does all the trimming with hedge trimmer and snippers...just like me! I on the other hand, do the shrubs once in the spring, and begrudgingly, and only what I have to do, in the fall. I do plant and pull weeds all the time, but the shrubs kill me.

P51700122 So, I spent the day doing yard work, and by the time I finished, my arms, my hands and my back were all screaming in pain. I asked Eammon, what he would like for dinner, thinking maybe, he would want to take me out, but NOOOOO, he says that he would LOVE for me to make sushi. So, after a long day in the yard, I compromised and made what I call lazy sushi...all nigiri. I had grilled eel at home, so I went to the store, for tuna and salmon. I could only find sushi grade salmon, so we ended up having a full plate of saki (salmon) and unagi (eel) nigiri. Isn't it lovely!!

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