Monday, May 23, 2005

At the mercy of USCIS...Again!

Our home study has been completed, approved, notarized, and mailed along with our I-171H* to the USCIS. So now, I join so many others, in the waiting game. I'll be gnawing my fingernails, stalking the mailman, complaining to everyone who will listen, and even those don't listen, about how long this step is taking. I have been told by the Atlanta CCAI office, that USCIS in Atlanta, generally takes 4 weeks for approval processing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case, as I read of so many people waiting much longer. In fact, today, one of the posters on my CCAI news group, said that they have been waiting 10 weeks for the approval of their I-171H. They are in Pennsylvania though, so, I am not going to let their long wait stress me out...Yeah right!!!

*The "I-171H," also known as the "Notice of Favorable Determination," is an approval from the U.S. Government (namely the FBI and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS), for us to adopt internationally.


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Oh I hope your wait is short and sweet!!! We've been waiting 32 days so far. (I don't I sound anxious, do I? Heh heh).

    On a totally unrelated subject, are you going to do one of those 100 wishes quilts? I decided to do one, and I also went out yesterday and bought fabric for Stacey Teague and Karen (GwenBlog) who are doing them. And I bought a little extra just in case you decide to do one...

  2. Mary-Mia~

    Every time I view your blog, I am eager to see the announcement, that your I-171H has arrived. Since you are about a month ahead of us, it is fun to see what upcoming for us.

    I truly appreciate your thinking of me, when you were purchasing fabric. I hadn't thought about doing the 100 wishes quilt, until I read about Karen's, and I just love the idea of it. I am severely sewing challenged, and can't even sew on a button, let alone sew a quilt, but I think this is something I would like to try. I also, would love to contribute fabric and a wish to yours. If you would email me with your address, and the size of the fabric squares, I will send them along.


  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Fellow Georgian adopting mom here - we went to that lovely building on Buford Highway on May 10th! I'm very confused about USCIS! I thought that the home study would be sent to USCIS and THEN they would send me the 171-H ?? - which I would then have a copy of notarized and send with other dossier doc's to CCAI??? did you send your 171-H back to the USCIS? Please help me wade through the paper! :)

  4. Hi fellow Georgian,

    First, make sure that you notify the Atlanta CCAI office, that you have been fingerprinted, and send them a copy of the I-600A, that you previously filed with USCIS. Then, once your home study is completed, that too should be submitted to Atlanta CCAI, where it will be notarized, and sent along with your I-171H application to the USCIS. Next, the USCIS will send YOU the I-171H (Notice of favorable Determination), which you will copy and have the copy notarized to be included with your dossier.

    Hope this explains it a little. I would love to talk to another Georgia CCAI adoptive parent. Please email me privately, and we can chat.


  5. Be encouraged, we accepted our referal yesterday. And will be traveling to Nancheng in a few short weeks.


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