Wednesday, May 11, 2005


OK, OK... I realize, that playing the Carly Simon song in my mind while waiting for the Heinz ketchup to come out is not the same anticipation, now that I have a giant sized squeeze bottle of the red stuff. Also now that I think about it, I don't really look forward to the Boca Burger, ketchup or no ketchup but this is what I do in my ongoing attempt to try and help Eammon lower his cholesterol. Of course though I taunt him, by continually telling him that in my attempt to to help him lower his cholesterol, mine dropped to 112 mg/dL (2.9 mmol/L for my U.K. family and friends) and yes, I am bragging. Though my numbers have never been high, I am still pleased that they are lower.

So what got me on this little rant? A few things contributed to this; First, I realized that I'm suffering from a new disease. Thanks to Mary-Mia, for discovering this new disease, EMS and for informing me and it seems many, soon to be adoptive parents that we suffer together from the same symptoms. When I first read about EMS I tried to deny it as I said to myself, "even though I know that the mail does not arrive before 5PM, it might just be there" or "it's good cardio exercise walking to the mail box and opening that little door numerous times a day, must count as strength training" or better yet, "it smells so gorgeous outside with the jasmine and honeysuckle all in bloom, I just want to breathe in the fresh air". But in the end, truth be told, I'm addicted to checking my mailbox and I continue to be disappointed as nothing has arrived yet from USCIS. Help Mary-Mia, is there a 12 step program for this or do you think we should start an EMS support group?

OK, second on my list of why I am on this anticipation rant. When I was going out of the subdivision this morning, I saw all the pool furniture neatly arranged around the recently cleaned pool all in preparation for the pool opening on May 21st, the day after school lets out. Yes, schools in Cobb County finish their year on May 20th! But what it got me thinking about was, I have NEVER gone to our pool. When open, it is filled with children and their parents, it's loud and busy, so I have preferred to sit on my dock at waters edge, reading my book, listening instead to ducks, geese and bird songs. But then I realized, next year at this time, I will be looking forward to the pool opening, so that I can bring little baby Shanahan. How cool is that??

Well, my anticipation rant is over as I need to go do some weeding and yard work. I think I'll check the weeds near the mailbox first...just in case.

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