Saturday, July 06, 2013

June wrap-up

Ok, this is my second time writing this post as last night I wrote the entire post and just mere moments before I was ready to hit the publish button my computer died. The battery won't charge and the the computer won't even work just plugged in. I'm thinking that it may be the actual plug in the back of the unit but I'm not a computer person. I'm currently visiting friends in Salt Lake City so I'm hoping that once I'm back home my personal computer geek guru husband can figure out what's wrong and fix the problem. For now I am trying something new and attempting to post from my iPad mini...we'll see how it goes and how it looks on the blog. Now on to my blog post re-write.

June finished with some fun days and times with friends. Two days after Maisie's play date with Kate we had friends over for dinner. The kids hadn't been together in ages but immediately were off and playing in Maisie's room and in and out of the house

It was a gorgeous evening on Friday, perfect to sit outside, eat, socialize, drink some Sangria and chat.

Like the adults, Maisie, Dare & Dani enjoyed the outside and had fun lounging in the hammock. It was a very enjoyable evening for all.

Saturday evening was ladies night out to celebrate Lisa's 40th birthday. We all gathered at her favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, where we celebrated, ate, drank and laughed. It was a fun night.

Sunday morning Maisie's teammate Sarah came over for what turned into a 9 1/2 hour play date! The girls first disappeared into Maisie's room where they played games.

I didn't hear boo from them until I called them and told them that it was lunchtime.

After lunch they decided to put on their swim suits and play with the hose. Such giggles as they sprayed one another and ran around.

After all the running around they enjoyed some quiet time in the hammock sharing Popsicles and girl talk, they were happy girls.

Then it was off to the pool for a few hours before dinner where the girls swam, laughed and played.

By the time Sarah left it was past Maisie's usual bedtime and she was one worn out little girl. Maisie fell asleep mere seconds after her head hit the pillow. A super successful play date for the girls and for this Mama too as I was able to get lots of things done while the girls kept themselves entertained.

June also brought lots of animals our yard. First, there has been an evil bunny which has been eating all my flowers. I've sprayed with cayenne pepper, put down dried blood and also sprayed with Liquid Fence. I didn't see the any signs of the bunny for a few days before I left so I'm hoping that the evil bunny has moved on.

We also had a turtle rooting around looking for a place to lay her eggs. Thankfully she didn't find a spot which suited her needs so she moved on which made me very happy.

Now this blue heron, well that's one animal I love seeing in my yard.

June was a fun month and now we're looking forward to July which will be filled with gymnastics, of course, along with more play dates, some travel and more fun times with friends.

Maisie is still loving her A-Maisie-ingly Wonderful Gluten, Egg & Dairy Free Bread and I've been making two loaves for her everyother week. I love that the house smells all yeasty and delicious when I bake and I love that my girl now has delicious Maisie "safe" bread anytime she desires. Click on the link to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.




  1. What a fun month with so many great activities!

    See you in 2 more sleeps! yay!!

  2. It was so fun to see you and Maisie at the Hills. I had forgotten we had met last time until I was you again. There's never enough time to catch up at those fun parties, but I might check in on your blog, since we're some of the few who still keep up on it! (my email is


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