Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Play date & pit bar

1044478_10151751179501663_2103475513_nAfter practice today Maisie’s friend Kate met us at the gym and came back to the house for a play date.  The girls wanted to go to the pool but we had on-and-off showers all afternoon with rumbles of thunder and our pool closes for 30 minutes after each rumble of thunder so they had to find other things to keep themselves occupied.  The play date began with snacks (lunch for Maisie after her practice) and a video as it was raining outside. 

1016119_10151751329881663_1992998265_nThe girls played in the house and in Maisie’s gym.  Once the rain stopped the girls rode scooters for a bit but decided they were hot so they went outside to make rain themselves with the hose.

1044893_10151751326346663_1743895308_nThey didn’t want to play outside in their swim suits in the rain because they didn’t want to get wet…but then happily sprayed one another with the hose.

1044898_10151751364421663_417299002_nWith two little gymnasts in the house they of course had to spread the mats through the living room and do what they love the most…gymnastics.  

photo eTwo cutie girls saying goodbye at the end of their afternoon together.

Yesterday at the gym Maisie was working on the pit bar.  Here she is practicing her kip, cast to handstand, baby giant and fly away.

Since this post is all about Maisie, I decided to do something all about Maisie over on Cook Lisa Cook.  Today I posted a new recipe for Easy White Corn Tortilla Pizza which I make especially for Maisie, so two Maisie specific posts today.  This White Corn Tortilla Pizza is simple to make and Maisie “safe” as it doesn’t contain wheat, egg or dairy.  Even if you’re not gluten, egg or dairy free, this is a simple and easy way to make pizza and you can adjust the toppings to fit your tastes and desires.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.

Easy White Corn Tortilla Pizza

More pizza recipes on Cook Lisa Cook include:  Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Blacksmith Pizza and Pesto Pita Pizza.


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  1. Wow Maisie! Love watching you progress at your gymnastics. Your practice on the bar over the pit is awesome!! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!


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